Inbeon Con

INBEON CON is Long Island’s Comic Con created for Artists, by Artists! Celebrate your love of comics, anime, cartooning and illustration with us. You will have the opportunity to meet local artists and add to your original art, print and comic series collections. InbeonCon will have cosplay contests, skits, panels and art training seminars. We are taking our fellow artists out the “Alley” and into the spotlight!

Inbeon Con Gamer

Join the Inbeon team Nov 26th at Crazy Gamer Dome for Inbeon Gamer Con! Crazy Gamer Dome is celebrating their two year anniversary and Inbeon is always down to game, party, and have a fun time! Come as a guest or exhibit. Either way bring your skills!!!


Comic Bar Con

Comic Bar Con the Long Island show that brings all your favorite things together. COMICS, BANDS and BEER!