If you have a question or feedback please contact us or email us at info@inbeon.com

Inbeon Studios

What is Inbeon?

Inbeon Studios is a hands on educational platform for team based production, publishing and marketing. We connected talented, creative people from all disciplines in commercial and entertainment fields to collaborate on projects and release them to the world.

How can I join the team?

There are 3 ways you join the Inbeon crew:

  1. Create or participate on an Inbeon Studios project.
  2. Become a staff member of Inbeon Con.
  3. Be a contributor for Inbeon Mag.
How do I submit a project?

Go to the Submit Page and fill out the form. We review your submission and get back to you usually within a week.

Where are we located?

Nowhere…well more like everywhere. Let me explain. 😛 We are a decentralized creative community, therefore we work with people from all around the world without the need for them to come to a physical location (a.k.a. we all work from home). We do have hub of crew in New York and soon we will be creating a hub in California. Inbeon Con is held on Long Island, NY and many of our crew travel to meet up there in person.

Where can I find Inbeon on social media?

@inboen on practically every social platform you can imagine.

How can I find out what cons Inbeon is attending?

Our Events page has our calendar of shows and Comic Cons we are set to attend.

Inbeon Con

What is Inbeon Con?

Inbeon Con is Long Island’s Comic Con for Artists! Get inspired with your love of anime, comics, cosplay & gaming. Meet local artists, costume designers, animators & game developers. Learn how to build amazing worlds and take your craft to the NEXT LEVEL!

Do you offer group rates to Inbeon Con?

Yes. We offer group rates for non-for-profits, community groups, students, and educators

Digital Downloads

How do Digital Downloads work?

Inbeon has made it incredibly easy to collect and download your favorite series. Here is how you get access Inbeon Digital Downloads Step-by-Step:

STEP 1 – Simply add a digital download product to the cart.

STEP 2: When you place your order of any digital download you will see a link to download your file at the end of your order.

STEP 3 – You will also receive an email with the digital link.

STEP 4 – You can also see all your available downloads in “My Account” where you can download them at anytime.

Simply download them and enjoy anytime, anywhere. If you have any issues or questions about Inbeon Digital Downloads please contact us or email us at cs@inbeon.com

Does Inbeon’s Digital Downloads work on mobile devices?

All of our digital downloads are DRM FREE PDF files and optimized for fast download and easy mobile viewing.

Printed Books

Do we offer physical copies of our comic series?

Yes but we mainly offer them when we go to Comic Cons and select Comic Shops around the country. We do sometimes offer limited edition fan packs online so keep an eye out for your favorite series!

How can I request my shop to carry your comics?

You can have the shop email us at books@inbeon.com or you can become a reseller for us actually make money as part of the Inbeon Street Team. If you are interested email us at StreetTeam@inbeon.com to learn more