INBEON is an entertainment and media company that connects talented individuals in animation and design to build amazing worlds as a team.
Our goal is to engage and inspire audiences through the magic of visual storytelling.


The Core

Eric Hutchison
Production Director

Lawrence Bentine
PR Director

Thomas Lapierre III
Publishing Director

Marcus Pleasant
Creative Director

David Morgan
Marketing Director

Jessie Euell Bonet
Media Director

Sebastian Bonet
Inbeon Mag EIC

Steve Lucarelli
Inbeon Mag Producer

Louis Castro
Lead Graphic Designer

Etiana Coley Mells
International Director

Zaes Marrero
Emerging Media

Jayleen Perez
Event Coverage

The Artists

Talia Duci

Anthony Preziosi
Concept Artist

Justin Fischetto
The Uprising

Steven Myers
Zaidura Chronicles

Zack Rezendes
Hail Odin

Tom Travers
Battle Skull

Cameron Kotterman
Hail Odin

Matt Gaudio

Alethea Van Holland
Bad Luck

Jaxon Joubert
Bad Luck

Christopher Cope
Neo Revolver

Daniel Roman
Media Development

The Writers

C. J. Martin
Zaidura Chronicles

Broken dolls And Robotic Hearts

Guy Semilia
Concept Writer

Roy Smith
Day & Soul

Carlin Michel

Don Hooper
Editor - Crimson Huntress