INBEON is an visual entertainment and media company that connects talented individuals in animation and design to build amazing worlds as a team. Our goal is to engage and inspire audiences through the magic of visual storytelling.

What does “Inbeon” mean?

We get asked this a lot. Inbeon is a phonetic shorting of “Innovate Beyond”. It is an attitude that we ask everyone in the studio to embody. Beyond what you ask? We strive to innovate Beyond Limitations, Beyond Excuses and most importantly, Beyond Expectations. To us, Inbeon represents the next level to creative thought and application.


The Tribal Council of Elders

Eric Hutchison

Founder/Production Director

Will Falcone

Art Director

Lawrence Bentiné Jr

Media Director

Thomas Lapierre III

Publishing Director

Media Team

People who make things happen.

Louis Castro Jr.

Multimedia Graphics

Evadne Coley

Production Assistant

Daniel Roman

Media Artist

Zaes J. Marrero

Media Minion

Gerard Esposito


Lorisse Alicia Ortiz-Bentiné

Graphic Designer

David C. Morgan

Marketing Coordinator

Jayleen Perez

Digital Media Assistant


World Planners

Sebastian Bonet

Inbeon MAG EIC

C. J. Martin


Guy Semilia

Media Writer

Roy Smith


Steve Lucarelli


Jason Woods


Don P. Hooper


Carlin Michel

Production Assistant


World Engineers

Glenn Urieta

Production Artist

Christopher Cope

Concept Artist

Zack Rezendes


Cameron Kotterman

Cover Artist

Anthony Preziosi


Talia Duci


Tom Travers

Production Artist

Natascia Mora


Ciera Hicks

Concept Artist

Chris Roman

Media Research

Steve Myers

Sequential Artist

Justin Fischetto


Monique Elam

Graphic Designer

Matt Gaudio

Sequential/Cover Artist

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