A Chat With Rich Drezen Creator of Luckyzilla

So I got to catch up with Massapequa’s rising star Rich Drezen, better known for his comic Luckyzilla. You may have seen him at our own Inbeoncon or various other conventions. I had the honor of helping Rich out when he had a table at The Bronx Comic con. He defiantly enjoyed handing out frisbees he had custom made for kids and engaging their parents in conversation about his comic and how it was kid friendly.We always have a ball talking about old school cartoons and just have a good laugh. So lets not waste time and jump right into the interview so you guys can get to know him a little better.

So Rich Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised on Long Island, and have lived in Massapequa for most of my life. I broke the family mold after three generations of pharmacists (which were my dad, grandfather and great-grandfather) to draw silly pictures…mostly of Luckyzilla.

What was your inspiration for Luckyzilla?

There’s a few, but I’ll keep it brief…I don’t want the editors to hate me! My family and I adopted a dog from the North Shore Animal League in March, 1993. We named him Lucky, and he was a wild one. He never really qui

te let go of his puppy stage energy…aside from learning not to destroy furniture. It was either me or my mother who coined the phrase, “Lucky? More like Luckyzilla!”Then, one miserable December day in my school cafeteria, before i

Phones, before tablets, and when kids played with actual toys and games, I had a pencil in my hand and a sheet of yellow looseleaf, and out of that pencil came Luckyzilla. Little did I realize that this crude little drawing (which sadly no longer exists) would become the focus of my entire life

You have this cartoon style that pops in your books, what artist have been your inspiration and have influenced the creation of your style?

Hands down, Michael Gallagher and Dave Manak. Back in the 90’s, they worked on a number of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comics. Gallagher’s sharp wit, and vast knowledge of pop culture and Manak’s bold facial expressions and attitudes made them my favorite comic creators. Last July, I had a brief exchange with Gallagher, who complimented my then recently completed Luckyzilla #5. It was one of the greatest days of my life when I read that message from him.

You started your company Drezen Media, what are some of the things we can look forward being released down the line from Drezen Media?

A new Drezen Draws live episode every week (with exceptions), possibly a revival of my review series, The Lazy Sunday Spin (not for kids), and maybe…just maybe, one or two more comic series.

Big question ,Are we getting a Luckyzilla Animation?

Big answer: yes! But because I’m a one man band, it’s slowly coming into existence. It’s coming. I promise!

Its really awesome that you have Plush version of your characters and snap instagram adventures with them. What inspired you to do these instagram adventures?

That was a total fluke, actually. At my first Inbeon Con, I had the pleasure of meeting John Flynn, who runs the Random Onion Plush Pile. I loved his work, and gave him a picture of Lucky and asked, “can you make that?” He said, “absolutely.” A month later, it was done. I needed an excuse to use Instagram, and had been contemplating making plushes at some point, and once the plush arrived, I wasted no time in putting it to good use. Since then, Random Onion has made each of my commissioned plushes.

I know one of your goals is to do a comic strip in each state, how many more states do you have left to go?

Luckyzilla’s Cross Country Comics initiative began about a year ago when I completed the first one in Connecticut. Since then, I’ve done 6 more, making a grand total of 7. I’ve got quite a long way to go, and unless I get to at least 5 more by the end of this year, I might start up a GoFundMe campaign to help expedite CCC’s completion. Traveling is expensive!

If you had a chance to work on another comic, what comic would that be?

Two, American Mythology’s Three Stooges comics. I highly recommend their recent release which has a brand new Shemp story…love Shemp…Shemp good! Besides, how can you go wrong with The Three Stooges? The other would be Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz’ indie title, Die, Kitty, Die! Anyone that’s worked on an Archie is good in my book, and I know they’d be fun to work with.

Finally we have to ask, which character or characters would you love to see cross over with Luckyzilla? It can be from any media you can think of, film, gaming, cartoons, comics. Let the imagination run wild. 

That’s a tough one because, unofficially of course, I’ve kinda done one already. “A Stooge There Was” was where Lucky accidentally raises Shemp Howard from the dead and takes him on an adventure…since he doesn’t quite know what else to do with him. I’m leery of contemplating crossovers with more well-known comic properties such as Batman…unless I could convince Neal Adams to do a voiceover reading like the one he did for Batman & Elmer Fudd…which was absolutely hysterical.

Awesome, Thank you Rich for taking the time out for this interview and guys don’t forget to check out the links below and follow the adventures of Luckyzilla.