A Chit chat with Bryan Martinez

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We here at Inbeonmag love meeting creators. One such creator I have met is Bryan Martinez. Funny thing is I met him when he was cosplaying a very awesome Dr. Strange that he designed. Since then he is someone that reminds me creators can do anything. This year he has exhibited at cons like Flamecon and our own Inbeoncon not as a cosplayer, but an artist. Bryan is an example of how we shouldn’t limit ourselves to one medium and becomes masters of many.

First, let me say thanks for taking the time in doing this interview. So Bryan, tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, I started getting involved with art and crafting since I was 5 years old. Being involved in arts and crafts also lead me to venture out and discover many skills when I went to a performing arts school where I learned Theatre/Acting sewing, fashion design and some photography.

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First thing I want to talk about is your cosplay. What got you into cosplay?

I went to my first convention which happened to be New York Comic Con 2014, I knew about conventions before that but I never dove into actually attending. I did a quick google search on the con and came across so many cosplays so I decided to buy an Assassins Creed costume and go as that. I wasn’t happy with the cosplay so I decided to make my own going forward and that’s when I got fully indulged in cosplay.

You have won and ranked high in some cosplay competitions. Congratulations on the last win by the way. What have been some of you favorite cosplays you have create?

Thank you so much, Omg I have so many but I’ve always wanted to create a Kingdom Hearts Donald Duck, Yue from Cardcaptors and a giant Sentinel. 

What are some of your future cosplay plans?

Currently I don’t have any cosplay plans for the future, actually all my future cosplay plans have been put on halt in order to focus more on my art career for Inked Creates.

Aside from cosplaying, you’re also an artist. What inspired you to be an artist? And how has the transition from Cosplayer to artist been like?

As I mentioned before I started drawing and coloring at a young age, my mother saw my drawing and put me in art class and since then I’ve majored as an art student throughout my entire education process. I sort of got lost in the cosplay life for 3 years and abandoned my art, transitioning back into doing art full time has been a huge adjustment it’s almost like having to reteach myself everything I’ve learned; It’s all coming back to me though. 

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What are some of your dream projects that you would love to work on? For me it would be a Deadpool one shot.

I’ve always wanted to be involved in animation and I really do love X-men, I would love to work on a new x-men animated tv series. 

This next question I have for you is about being creative in general. For some one looking to create something or get into the creative field. What advice would you give them? 

Stay true to yourself, do things you enjoy creating so that passion shows through your work. I believe as artists some of us lose the creative drive because we are focused on things that are trending or trying hard to create something that’s going to create buzz. Less is more, keep it simple, stay true to yourself and think outside the box.

What was some of the obstacles you have had to overcome as a creative professional? 

Confidence, there are time where I feel confident about my projects or art but there are also times where I question my skills and abilities as an artist. We are our worst/best critics and I can be extremely hard on myself, I always feel like I could’ve done better or I didn’t try hard enough.

. I have been asking all those who I have interviewed about their take on networking and what it means to them. How has networking benefited you? And what advice would you give to those looking to network within this industry?

I love the idea of networking. With networking you can meet and collaborate with different artists and creators, I also feel like networking opens up so many opportunities for artist trying to break into the creative field. I remember an art teacher once said “Sometimes it’s not what you know, is who you know”.

What are some projects you have planned between drawing and cosplay that we can expect down the line? 

I’m currently working on building the brand of Inked Creates. Inked Creates is a brand that celebrates nerd culture in all aspects from art prints, apparel, custom collectibles, buttons and other goods.

Bryan I want to thank you for taking the time out again for letting us interview you. Please let our readers know where they can find you and if you have any upcoming shows.

You can find me on the following platforms

Instagram @Inked_creates

Twitter @Inked Creates

Photo Credits: Geek Photography and Sean Hale

Or you can visit both my website and shops at www.InkedCreates.com and Etsy.com/shops/inkedcreates.