A Whole New… Debate?

Debating the live-action Aladdin first look.

The Aladdin first look is already making a lot of buzz out there both positively and negatively. Everything from casting, costumes, and Will did not bring blue is up for scrutiny. Now much like Iron Fist there’s a lot of misplaced anger and I’m here to clear that up for you guys. Here are some of my points:

1. Will Smith already confirmed he’d be blue. Chill out. He’s not looking to replace Robin, no one can, but you have to let someone else try. Insert Heath Ledger’s Joker… oh, you can’t do better than Jack… He’s the best ever! OMG. THE DARK KNIGHT IS THE BEST! Let’s give it until we see the full movie to cast judgments. He’s portraying a character NOT an actual person. That means it’s up for interpretation.

2. I’m already seeing the eye rolls about Jasmine. Don’t do that, cause she doesn’t look like what you have pictured in your head. She’s a fictional character AND you would think that you know by now that people of any background can come in all shades and colors.

Naomi Scott has an English nationality with Indian ethnicity. Her mother is Usha Scott is a Gujarati Indian descent and is from Uganda. Thus, she acquires the mix look of Anglo-Indian. Her father is Chris Scott who is British. Her father is a senior pastor of the Bridge Church. She has a brother named Josh Scott.

To call out “Colorism” in this movie by saying she isn’t dark enough is actually colorism. There is an issue in Hollywood, certain media across the globe, and even amongst cultures / ethnicities, but let’s not all go to war over every casting that wasn’t YOUR pick. By calling out the fact she isn’t “dark enough” you’re saying that ONLY people who are darker are truly representative of an entire people.  I’m Puerto Rican. If I got on a soapbox and said “They’re not the right look because they don’t look like me. I’m what a Puerto Rican male should look like,” not only would I be ignorant and ignoring my siblings and family whose skin range the entire pigmentation spectrum, but to think I am so bold as to say such a thing is elitist. There are issues in Hollywood casting, this is not one of them, and this is not how to call out / fight it. Let’s keep it real, it’s not like this casting is worse than Prince of Persia… or are we going to forget that too? Small steps are still progressing.

3. If you’re going to hate on this movie this early on, as you do with everything, you’re missing the point entirely. Frankly, there will be those who see it in spite, for love, for curiosity, and what comes AFTER seeing it is the opinion of you the viewer. However, this movie isn’t for you or about you.  This is for the new generation, so let’s let them have their movie. We have had countless retellings of stories we’ve grown up with. This is a “Whole New World” and one that doesn’t need everything to be a grand debate.

We’re getting a lot of “live-action” remakes, reboots, and everything in between. It’s inevitable that they won’t all resonate 100% of the time. Some will be hits, some misses, and some may dare to even be better than the original. If you don’t give it a chance though, you honestly might miss the grandest adventure of them all.