A production community by creators for creators.

INBEON has focused on the simple goal of empowering creators. We strive to produce their best work with an experienced team who know how to bring your ideas into reality.

INBEON started in 2011 form a dream of INBEON’s founder, Eric Hutchison. The foundational belief held at INBEON is that no matter where you are on your creative journey there is a community out there to help you do it!

Now, almost a decade later, thousands of artists, writers, animators, filmmakers and other production studios work in synergy with INBEON every day to build their projects and take their ideas to the NEXT LEVEL!

The Team

Eric Hutchison

Lawrence Bentine
COO/PR Director

Thomas Lapierre III
Inbeon Sound

Jessie Euell Bonet
Media Director

Louis Castro
Art Director

Joseph Ramirez
Lead Designer

Jayleen Perez
Production Director

Sebastian Bonet
Inbeon Mag EIC

David Morgan
Marketing Director

Phil Pierce
Lead Animator

Lorisse Alicia Bentiné
HR Director

Chris Cope
Creative Director

Taylor Vogt
Development Adviser

Zaes Marrero
Inbeon Gamer

Don Hooper
Chief Editor

Etiana Coley Mells
International Affairs

Featured Creators

Anthony Preziosi

Justin Fischetto

Steven Myers

Talia Duci

C. J. Martin

Guy Semilia

Cierra Hicks

Kimbo Henry

Alethea Van Holland

Diane Aragon

Steve Lucarelli

Jaxon Joubert

Tom Travers

Carlin Michel

Roy Smith

Want to Join the Team?

If you have a project you want to work on or just want to be a part of someone else’s project, contact us!

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