Animating the world with Jonathan Hammock

Recently I was able to attend an anime convention called J1-con. There was a lot of great artist at the show who had some great art styles. One artist I had the chance to get to know is Jonathan Hammock. He was selling his prints at the show just like any other artist, but there was something different about his. Jonathan’s prints utilized Augmented Reality or AR for short. He would take his Ipad and begin to scan the print and what followed were some awesome animations that told a story.

I had an awesome time chatting about art with Jonathan at the show. So we got to get together again to introduce him and give him this next artist spotlight.

      So Jonathan, for those that don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a full-time Artist living in Philadelphia, PA. I studied at California College of the Arts, majoring in Illustration. I then transferred to Full Sail University, in Florida, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Computer Animation. 

What made you want to be an artist? Who has been an inspiration or what inspires you and your work?  

I knew I was going to be an artist when my mother took me to see Jurassic Park. It blew my little mind, I would draw dinosaurs for hours, pretending like I was the crazy John Hammond creating monsters in the lab. I try to find Inspiration in my everyday life through new experiences. Other artists also inspire me, such as Coheed and Cambria, and the artists who created classics like Dragon Ball and Akira.

      So we met at J1 and I was just loving your art style. But what makes your style pop, even more, is the use of animation in your prints. What made you want to combine animation and prints?

I always wanted to see my characters move and come to life right on the page. Using the free application Artivive I’m able to do just that. Giving the viewer a more interactive experience with the characters. I strongly believe in combining the past with the future. Augmented Reality. VR, and MR are the future of media interaction. Combining traditional art with the new digital wave is the FUTURE!

I think it’s awesome that we can look at your prints and get a story too. It’s like a comic in a poster. Tell us what are some of your dream projects that you would like to work on?

One of my dream projects is to create comic and informational murals around the city, in which visitors or travelers can go to different locations to see the story and history come to life with AR. It would be a great incentive for people to go outside and travel. It will engage the younger viewers to learn about something without having to put their phones away, which we all know they hate to do.

What advice would you give to someone looking into getting into animation? 

Don’t let your drawing skills or level keep you from making that first leap, I know a lot of great artists who don’t think they are good enough because the art doesn’t look a certain way. Do what makes you happy and it will totally reflect in the artwork.  

I know we touched upon dream projects earlier, but are there any projects you have coming down the line that you want to promote? 

Yes, I am working on two Augmented comics as we speak. The first book is a collaboration with my buddy @studiosneely,  called Obscurity and the second story is my life’s work called Legends of Pangea. 

I saw at J1 how excited you were showing guest the prints and the animations. What have been some of your favorite fan reactions? 

I love all of the reactions, I love that I am able to use my imagination to connect with others in my community and help shape and change my environment for the better. Art is like a postcard to the future, it allows people to experience my perspective and what influenced me at that very moment in time. Sending a message to through time and space.

Finally, please let our readers know where we can find your work?

Follow me on Instagram @JonHamArt to see updates on projects I’m working, events I will be attending, and subscribe to my Youtube page also @JonHamArt

We want to thank you again, Jonathan, for taking the time out to let us interview you and we wish you all the best on the creative road and projects.  

Thanks, man, this is so cool.