ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Anthony Preziosi

We are winding down to the big day. Inbeon Con is this Saturday, and we’re hitting you with back to back Artist Spotlights this week to get you all hyped up.

Everyone who meets this next artist is always blown away by his caliber of work as well as his genuine vibes. Anthony Preziosi, is a 37 year-old Boston boy – born and raised – who works at an engineering firm during the day and draws comics at night.  He enjoys creating art of all kinds, playing video games, reading comic books and long walks on the beach. He actually does, with his wife and dog. Relationship goals, a.f.
If you meet him, don’t be fooled by his stoic stance or grimace. Most people wouldn’t know just from looking at him that he isn’t at all as angry as he looks.  The look is just that Boston blood in him. He is actually pretty chill, and prefers laughing and being silly over being strict and serious. So when you see him this Saturday, say hello.

Lorisse: How does who you are reflect in your work?

Anthony:  I’m a fan of Anime from my generation as well as the comics of yesterday and today, so I draw a lot of inspiration from those. At this current moment in my life i’m combining my 9 to 5 with my love of art by creating mini masterpieces on post-it notes while on my lunch break. I call them #LunchTimeDesigns, which is also what I’m calling my new business venture.

L: That’s brilliant. Has Inbeon helped in any way with your artistic goals? Do you feel supported by the team?

A: Inbeon has helped my artistic goals with getting me in touch with other artists, helping me prep for cons, and just a general guidance in the direction of my art. I receive support on multiple platforms from the team.

L: What would you do right now if money, time, and responsibilities were no issue? What do you feel is your purpose in this life?

A: Travel the world for inspiration for my art…also open a shelter for abandoned animals.

L: How sweet. Do you feel supported by your family to live out your artistic dreams? If so, how?

A: My family and friends are super supportive of my dreams to become a full time artist! They’ve even gone so far as to help me raise money for tables at cons and even work the conventions with me for nothing more than buying them lunch.

L: Tell us about the biggest project you’ve ever worked on.

A: I once designed t-shirts for the principal of my school when I was only 16. It was for a friends and family event he was having, and there was around 100 people in attendance. I got paid a small amount of money and I still have one of the shirts somewhere in my basement.

L: I’d like to see that if you ever find it. What advice would you give to an artist who doesn’t think their work is good enough for anything substantial?

A: My advice would be not to worry about your work having substance! Art is not defined but how substantial it is in the world. Of course there are many famous artists with amazing world renowned works under their belt, but I guarantee none of those artists are worried about making sure their artwork was substantial! The idea that you’re trying to create something with this idea in mind, you’re just going to hate everything you make! Creativity should flow like water, don’t worry about where it flows to.

L: Talk about a challenging time in your career and how you overcame it.

A: A challenging time in my career is when the first comic book I ever had the opportunity to make fell through and died before my eyes. It’s been my dream since I was a little boy to have my own comic! I was still learning as an artist (I still am) and I may have bit off more than I could chew. The challenge to live up to the expectations that I put on myself hit me right in my will to create. It didn’t matter how many people told me my art was great or whatever, it only mattered what I thought and I was my own worst enemy.

I overcame this issue with the help of my wife. She told me that it didn’t matter that I fell, we all fall sometimes. What matters is that you get back up! You keep pushing forward! You learn from your mistakes and you do it right the next time around! So that’s exactly what I did! I picked myself up and got back to the drawing board! I’m grateful to have her in my corner, she’s my rock!

L: Wow, relationship goals. Eric listened to his wife too, and now we have Inbeon! (Laughs) Humans: listen to your wives!!! (Laughs)

A: (Laughs)

L: Thank you so much, Anthony. We’ll see you at Inbeon Con.

A: Thank you again for this opportunity it was tons of fun!

Anthony Preziosi
CEO of #LunchTimeDesigns

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