This week’s Artist Spotlight has an affinity for the study of biology, and finds it fascinating. Early on, he thought if he couldn’t be an artist or engineer, he’d be a marine biologist. His head is now filled with random facts about animals. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy a very lively interview from the prolific Nhan Nguyen, also known as Bulletproof Turtle Man.

Lorisse: What do you hope to gain from your artistic expression?

Nhan: Peace of mind. I draw for fun and to relax for the most part, so I don’t have any lofty goals set at the moment.

L: In what capacity will you be present at Inbeon Con, and why aren’t you exhibiting?

N: Considering a good number of my fellow artist friends are at Inbeon Con, I wanted to go and show my support, but just as a regular attendee. As for why I’m not exhibiting, I’ve moved away from the professional side of art as I’ve decided it’s not something I’m suited for. Having been there before, I do have lots of respect and admiration for those that are willing to put themselves out there at shows and put in the hard work to prepare for them.

L: Do you feel supported by Inbeon and its  artist focused mission?

N: Inbeon is definitely a good crew of peeps, and I’m amazed I got to witness its huge growth over the years! At the heart of it all, is Epic Hutch (Eric Hutch), and I can definitely say he’s been there to teach me a bit about doing shows and interacting with people, which is a huge hurdle for a lot of introverted artists. Mad love to the big man! HAIL HUTCH!

L:  What are your dreams/aspirations? What is the biggest thing stopping you from achieving your dreams right now?

N: I have no dreams or aspirations as of the moment. That in itself is the perhaps the biggest obstacle of all (laughs), but I’m okay with that. Turtles are hermits for a reason.

L: What is your favorite type of art to create?

Any type of art I can create for fun without restrictions is the best type of art to create.

L: What is your favorite type of art to purchase?

N: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ENERGETIC PIECES! Everything from dynamic lighting, to poses, to colors or perspective; the type of art where you can feel the intensity and grit!

L: If you were ice cream or any ice cream dish, what kind would you be and why?

N: OHHHHH LAAAAWD- If it is as they say- “you are what you eat,” I’d be a hella sexy tub of strawberry shortcake ice cream, because that stuff is LIFE! A blend of unique and different things, fruitcake and ice cream, that come together to create a wonderful synergy! BUT WAIT… If I was an ICE CREAM DISH, I would be a STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE ICE CREAM TACO- made by putting the ice cream in a folded toasted waffle, and served with nutty toppings, and a slight drizzle of rich Vermont maple syrup.

L: You make yourself sound delicious. Thanks, Nhan, we’ll see you at Inbeon Con.

N: (laughs) This was a lot of fun, thank you. See you there, Lorisse.  

Artists Anthony Preziosi (Left) & Nhan Nguyen (Right) are both Boston Natives!

Inbeon Con is a convention by artists, for artists. For more info visit Save 20% using Lorisse’s code, CROSSPLAY, at checkout for your tables and tickets. Tables are still available for artists, but they’re going fast, so act soon.

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