Artist Spotlight: Steve Miller

About two years ago I stumbled upon an artist page on instagram by the name of Stevemillersart. Both of us liked each other’s work and just started keeping in contact. Me and Steve never met in person but our love for comics, anime and just art, in general, was the base foundation of our friendship. Since then we talk more than just comics and 

even worked on a project together. I can go on and on about how our story is a great example of networking and building relationships. But then we won’t get to the interview. So let’s get to the first question and talk to this awesome artist to keep your eyes on.

Hi Steve, so what got you into art? What were some of your inspirations?

Hi! What got me into art was probably some of the same reasons a lot of other artists got into art, which was my favorite cartoons as a kid.  I started drawing Disney characters at a very young age and in my adolescence drew characters from some of my favorite Marvel comics.  I was always inspired by cartoony art from Disney movies, Mad Magazine, Cracked as well as more realistic stuff from Marvel and growing up in Japan I was heavily influenced by anime/manga as well.  So it was 50-50 inspiration from both eastern and western art.

Do you have any comics or major projects in the works?

Yes.  I have been developing characters for my own project called The Realms.  It’s about a warrior princess named Crypta from another dimension who was framed and escapes to our realm by accident to get away from her execution. There’s more to the story but I don’t want to spoil it.  You can see these characters on my web pages such as Deviantart, Instagram and Artstations accounts.  Hopefully one day I will be able to fulfill the whole story to start the comic.

What are some of your goals on this journey as an artist?

Well for one, I’d like to finish developing The Realms. Another goal of mine is to try and do art full time.  It’s my passion and is pretty much the only thing I can do all day and never get tired of it. I’d also would like to work with other creative people in the industry and learn to better myself.

What motivated you to create art tutorials on youtube?

There are already lots of tutorials on Youtube but everyone has their own method of doing things so I just hoped that mine would help someone out there to understand things in a different light.  Maybe they could connect with my tutorials more. I just wanted to contribute what little knowledge I had to the community.  I don’t really have many tutorials up right now but hopefully, I can get time to do more in the future.  If anyone wants to catch my youtube channel it’s

We got to work together on a collaboration, which I thank you again for helping me. You got to design the cover to my first comic Dead Planet. How was it collaborating on the cover and would you collaborate with others to design their comic covers? 

Most definitely. I had a lot of fun trying to create something for the cover especially since it was in the horror genre, a genre I love but don’t do much art for.  I love collaborating with others on different projects as long as they are serious about it.  It’s great to brainstorm and get out of my comfort zone once in a while. 

If you had the chance, what would be your dream comic to work on?

Spider-Man!  I’ve always loved Spider-Man comics due to the dynamic panels and poses.  Looks like loads of fun. Plus, he’s my favorite Marvel hero. 

What inspired you to get into comics? 

Basically, the drawings/art that got me into comics.  I just love the visual aspect of storytelling.

 If someone wanted to commission you for work on their book or a personal piece, where can they contact you?  

They can contact me through any of my social websites:

or email me at

What are some of your goals in the comic industry? Are you looking to self-publish or work with a studio?

As far as the comic industry, I’d love to work with a studio.  I think there are lots of things I would love to learn from other creatives in the industry first but of course, it won’t stop me from self-publishing my own work either.

So to wrap things up, what advice would you like to offer other artists who want to break into the industry or build an online presence? 

Draw. A lot. Don’t be afraid to post your work on social media.  It takes time to build a following so don’t give up.