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The End

… of Telltale Games. This is it. The end of an era. With Telltale Games’ last installment of The Walking Dead being now finished and delivered by Skybound Games, it closes the door on an era of gaming. Tell Tale took story driven gaming and gave it a fresh coat of stylized animation and action […]

Hate/Cancel Culture

“I can’t believe they canceled my show.” “You can’t seriously like that, can you?” “That’s so trash.” “Bandwagon…. Bash… Hate…. Toxicity.” RINSE AND REPEAT This is what a lot of our social media timelines look like. After every trailer release, show cancellation, video game drop, or new app appears… so does the hate. Everyone’s entitled […]

A Whole New… Debate?

Debating the live-action Aladdin first look. The Aladdin first look is already making a lot of buzz out there both positively and negatively. Everything from casting, costumes, and Will did not bring blue is up for scrutiny. Now much like Iron Fist there’s a lot of misplaced anger and I’m here to clear that up […]

IRON FIST – Not everything is black and white…unless you make it that way.

“Not everything is black and white…unless you make it that way.” Let’s start with this… YES, there is a need for more representation in Hollywood. FACT. Not Tyler Perry roles, Mobsters, Martial Artists… just pick your stereotype. Listen I completely understand why Scarlett Johansson was cast as The Major for Ghost in the Shell, but […]