Ninjai: The Little Ninja – The Obscure Flash Anime We Miss And Want More Of

This wonderful flash made anime was created in the early 2000s, and was only available on To say the creators left us hanging is an understatement. However, this is not an attack on the creators, The Ninjai Gang, far from. In fact, understanding that small-scale, grassroots animation projects take triple the time and effort […]

Why You NEED To Be At Anime NYC This Year!

Why you NEED to be at Anime NYC this year

Your resident siblings, Lorisse & Lawrence, tag teamed last November and discovered why Anime NYC is the fastest growing anime convention in the nation, and why you need to be there this year! Enjoy interviews with comedian Long Beach Griffy, Nikolas Draper Ivey, the creator of Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer, David Crownson, and more! See […]

Stan Lee Leaves Legacy & Lives On Via Fans

Stan Lee

Stan Lee, you moved us, shaped our paths, and changed the way the world views society. The Inbeon team, fans, and supporters want to take a moment to reflect on the ways you helped drive our passions. The worlds you created gave us hope in times of darkness, consistently highlighted the humanity of marginalized peoples, […]

The OA

The OA

The Netflix show that’s quietly making waves amongst intellectuals and dreamers. CONTAINS SEMI-SPOILERS. Have you ever felt as though there was a presence in your midst, yet you had no explanation for it? Have you ever experienced something, then experienced the exact same thing some time later, and the first instance then seemed like a […]

Us Film Review

Us Film

A comedic thriller… with gore. We explore the plot, the themes, and the hidden gems you noticed and missed. CONTAINS SPOILERS. The film Us felt more like a comedic thriller, than an all out horror film. Yes, there was plenty of gore. However, the startle and jump scares did not override the humor that this […]

Broken Dolls and Robotic Hearts

Broken Dolls And Robotic Hearts

The play… The upcoming graphic novel… the creators behind it… and the reason we need it. Broken Dolls and Robotic Hearts is a play and soon to be graphic novel, created by yours truly, Lorisse Alicia Ortiz-Bentiné. This story follows a band of characters from an afro-futuristic, post apocalyptic, cyber punk world. Each character we […]

We interviewed Jordan Bascombe: the cute kid who reenacted scenes from Black Panther…

…and he wants the world to know that he wants to be in the next Black Panther movie Yes, we’re still not over it. With his mom, Jordan prepared for his reenactment by watching Black Panther four times. They came up with the idea together, and his mother, a professional photographer, helped him with his […]


This week’s Artist Spotlight has an affinity for the study of biology, and finds it fascinating. Early on, he thought if he couldn’t be an artist or engineer, he’d be a marine biologist. His head is now filled with random facts about animals. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy a very lively interview from the prolific […]

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Anthony Preziosi

We are winding down to the big day. Inbeon Con is this Saturday, and we’re hitting you with back to back Artist Spotlights this week to get you all hyped up. Everyone who meets this next artist is always blown away by his caliber of work as well as his genuine vibes. Anthony Preziosi, is […]