BAD LUCK is set in an alternate 1950’s America, witches, demons, and magic are real. Oliver, a bitter incubus is accidentally summoned by Ava, a very forgetful witch, as her familiar. Together, they must explore the far reaches of the world to obtain rare components to complete the ritual that would break their bond, setting Oliver free. However, their adventure doesn’t come without a price.

Created By: Alethea Van Holland & Jaxon Joubert

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About the Creators

Alethea Van Holland


Alethea is a sequential, illustrator, designer, and creator, currently living in Oregon with her husband and furbabies. Managing as the Head of Comics USA Division for Auspol Media Agency, Alethea is also a comic artist to several personal titles and to the indie publisher Upchuck Comics. She has done sequential/illustration work for numerous companies, publishers, game, and film studios. In her spare time, she enjoys watching too much anime, pestering those around her, and regularly nurtures her addiction to coffee.

Jaxon Joubert


Jaxon currently lives in Oregon with his wife and four-footed fairly fuzzy non-human children. Considering himself a bit of a hobby artist and writer, he is very dedicated to his craft and any project he undertakes. He has known and been close friends with Alethea for over 10 years and has enthusiastically helped out on many of her other projects. When the concept of Bad Luck was proposed, he immediately became obsessed with bringing not only a visually appealing, but a deep and obsession-worthy world and story, to the reader. Jaxon is an introverted yet personable individual, who enjoys a good story, scheming dastardly plots, and long walks on the beach.