The Cast


Age: 17

Occupation: Human/Witch

Skills: Flying, potions, spells, baking.

About: The heroine of our story, Ava is a forgetful but plucky witch. She’s the truest friend you could ever have. However, her short memory seems to be hiding some dark truths about her past.


Age: Unknown

Occupation: Incubus/Familiar

Skills: Seduction, illusions, charms.

About: Oliver is a lustful, snarky, yet low-key a powerful incubus. He’s easily annoyed by Ava’s antics but develops to become a protective older brother towards her.

Commander Stewart Horne

Age: Late 30s

Occupation: Human/Witch/Scientist/Harvester

Skills: Inventing, research, chemistry, spells.

About: Driven by his own quest for knowledge, Stewart is a witch that finds himself in desperate situations. While he strives to help humanity, he’s a self-sacrificing individual, who takes on more responsibility than he can handle. It often creates problems that are too big for him to get out of on his own.

Sebastian Burke

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Demon/Familiar

Skills: Deception, manipulation, analysis, magic.

About: A demon of unusual origin, Sebastian sees himself above everyone he meets. While he feels he must control those who are beneath him, he longs to meet someone who can challenge him intellectually and magically. The greatest downfall to his ambition is his curiosity, and he may find himself getting off task in order to follow something that piques his interest.

Supporting Characters

“Beetlebug” (Beelzebub)

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Lucifer’s Incarnation

Skills: Motherly, protective, leadership, assertive.

About: Beetle Bug is 1/4 incarnations of Lucifer. Protective over the witches who’ve bargained with Lucifer, Beetle Bug has a nurturing and motherly demeanor. It’s unclear why Ava lives with Beetle Bug.

Carmen Flores

Age: 28

Occupation: Human/Witch

Skills: Cosmetics, business, entertainment, spells.

About: Carmen is a Hispanic, worldwide famous, and wealthy celebrity/entertainer, but truly is a witch. Carmen has another secret that she keeps close to herself. She’s persuasive, cunning, fearless, talented, and beautiful.


Age: Unknown

Occupation: Shadow Demon/Familiar

Skills: Shadow manipulation, observation, subterfuge.

About: Marion is a Shadow Demon and Carmen’s familiar. Marion knows of Carmen’s long-buried secret, enabling her appearance to represent Carmen’s unfulfilled desires. Marion isn’t as powerful as Oliver, but she’s devious, observant, wise, and knowledgeable.

Captain Lyle Osborne

Age: 32

Occupation: Human/Harvester/Witch/Former Doctor 

Skills: Medicine, diagnosis, spells, strategy.

About: Lyle is a witch, currently, Captain of the Harvesters. Outwardly, he appears to be stoic, quiet, and emotionally hard to read. Lyle’s past is shrouded in mystery as a sense of misery seems to follow him.


Occupation: Familiar

Skills: “The Supportive Cute Specialist”.

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