Anyone can become a witch if they pay the price of selling their soul to Lucifer. Once the deal is made, they’re immediately granted enchantment capabilities and a catalyst to filter their magic. Likewise, every witch specializes in various aspects of magic. A witch could be the local wise-woman, fortune teller, magician, or even an unsuspecting technician. Witches can be solo practitioners or within covens; however, with the rise of the Harvesters covens are being disbanded. With this unlimited well of magic, witches still succumb to age, injuries, and illness.


The Harvesters are a somewhat new organization, only circulating around the world for 10 years. However, they’ve been underground for an undetermined amount of time. Nowadays, The Harvesters is a global organization, revered by the public, and gaining new recruits every day from all walks of life. Their goal is to permanently eradicate witches. The Harvesters have devised a way to siphon the magic from witches to gain their abilities, as a way to combat and capture other witches. Not only is this a sure-fire loophole around selling one’s soul to gain sorcerous abilities, but it also destroys the witch who had their magic harvested from them. 


The incarnations are made up of 4 individuals: Beelzebub, Satan, Belial, and Mephistopheles. They are born from pieces of Lucifer’s being; thus they share the same consciousness. This is different from a hive-mind as all incarnations retain free-will; yet they’re synced, meaning if one is injured the others will feel it. Each incarnation represents an aspect of Lucifer’s personality. The incarnations were sent to the Earth realm to monitor, overlook, and maintain the safety of Lucifer’s witches all over the globe.


A familiar appears when a witch performs a summoning rite. The form of a familiar varies for each witch. Upon materializing, an immediate bond is forged between a witch and their familiar. The bond range is limited, challenging this can result in incomprehensible pain for the witch, even death. A familiar’s duty is to protect their witch and provide a boost of magic if necessary. Demon familiars are rare. It’s ill-advised to summon these as they’re stubborn, unpredictable, and deadly. Demons are known to manifest only for the most powerful of witches; though, accidental summons have been known to occur.