The Lore


The Underworld is a dark and barren land, similar to an evening desert. It’s here where demons and lesser demons are created, the sinful deceased reside, and where the souls of those who become witches are held. 

Lucifer embodies the Underworld. He never appears, but his presence and voice permeate its surroundings. Even on Earth, he’s unseen. Yet, he’s always there, that bump in the night, or that tantalizing whisper in your head. Calculated and indifferent, Lucifer can be compared to a “prison warden” for the Underworld and its inhabitants. He does what he must for the stabilization of his domain. 

But, with the growing numbers of the Harvesters and the dwindling of witches, the Underworld is unstable. This imbalance can mirror the Earth’s realm.


The Harvesting Machine — or “The Distillery” as it’s most commonly called — extracts magical essence from witches and processes it to be utilized by the Harvesters. It was modernized by Commander Stewart Horne. This means, Stewart utilized a machine that already existed and altered it so it may perform its current purpose. It’s unknown how Stewart managed to conduct such a feat, as he’s a true inventor and keeps his blueprints close to heart.


The Artifacts are ancient objects from unknown origins, and are usually bizarre or surreal in their nature. The Artifacts, when combined, culminate to cast one of the few most powerful — and somewhat taboo — spells: Breaking a familiar bond.

Developed civilizations, modern science, and government officials have no knowledge about the Artifacts enabling them to be nonexistent among ordinary citizens.

It’s believed the Incarnations may know of the Artifacts roots and locations. However, since most witches have no desire to part ways with their familiars, they feel they have no need to search for the Artifacts allowing these to become no more than rumors or folk tales told among magical communities.

There are 7 Artifacts hidden in all corners of the world:

  • Octopus Skeleton
  • The Roar of a Lion Fish
  • A Turnip Grown in a Cloud 
  • 69 Four-Leafed Clovers
  • The Chin Hair of a Sleeping Dragon
  • The Stone from a Stomach of a Holy Man
  • The Sand from an Hourglass Falling Up.


Selling a soul or bargaining for your soul to Lucifer is what enables an individual to become  a witch. They still retain their humanity, so all witches still experience emotions. However, the soul is the essence of a person. It’s part of the bigger picture of an individual.

In the world of “BAD LUCK” people can still exist and go about their daily lives without their souls, but they will feel like something is missing. It’s simply not possible for a person to possess magic, humanity, and a soul. Something must be sacrificed for the large price such as sorcery.

However, it is sometimes possible to bargain a different quality than a soul to become a witch. This isn’t widely known, as legends and misconceptions have descended over thousands of years that the only way to gain your true desire is to sell your soul. Every millenia or so, Lucifer enjoys changing it up and allowing individuals to make a bargain of sacrificing a different trait or personality. Approach with caution of offering something other than a soul to Lucifer, as he may not always take you up on it. It really depends on his mood or if he’s bored. 

Incarnations, demons, and other witches are drawn to someone with a soul as they’re attracted to the warmth. The essence of being a human dwells within the soul, not to be confused with humanity, but with that compassionate connection to others that the soul provides. The soul is what’s powerful, and to those who may not possess one anymore, may find comfort and security with those that do.

Sadly, a witch with or without a soul is still necessary to The Harvesters and their pursuit of eradicating witchcraft and handling their magic. 


When Lucifer obtains a soul, he forms it into an Orb. These Soul Orbs are discreetly fed into the Underworld. The Soul Orbs themselves stabilize the Underworld. These are as much in part of the ecosystem as the sun is to Earth. Everything has a role to play, each is as important as the other. Lucifer must keep collecting souls from those that become witches to maintain balance in the Underworld.

Unfortunately, since The Harvesters are gaining power by stealing the magic from witches, they’ve found a loophole in the system. This unconventional way is upsetting the balance and causing repercussions in the Underworld.


When a witch’s magic is syphoned by The Harvesters, their Soul Orb cracks allowing the essence inside to smolder and fade. Eventually, rendering the soul into nonexistence. This causes the contract between Lucifer and the witch to break, which ripples into increasing the instability of the Underworld.

Damage to the Soul Orbs cause:

  • Instability of the Underworld.
  • Lethargy to Incarnations on Earth.
  • Agitation among demons.
  • Destabilization to Lava Lamps in Underworld.
  • Reflect damage and imbalance onto Earth.


Humans who pass away on Earth and are deemed appropriate to spend eternity in the Underworld, are sent to be encased in Lava Lamps where they experience their own personal Hell. Each is customized to the individual. Denizens in the Underworld are forbidden to know of where the location of the Lava Lamps are kept. Only Lucifer knows of their location. Good luck trying to get the answer out of him as he’s already difficult to reach. 


Demons are created when they’re needed. However, it’s not always clear of their purpose nor is the creation of their existence linear. Just like humans, no one knows what their purpose is, but once a demon finds it they can’t escape from it. There is a driven need to see it through to the end. A demon’s ultimate purpose is to “serve the Underworld,” which means anything they do; as long as it’s contributing to their existence in some way, is serving the Underworld. 

Some demons begin the pursuit of their purpose the moment of their existence. Others are dragged into their purpose, while others could stumble upon it by accident. Most demons grow comfortable and meander around the Underworld for centuries, feeding when they need. This could be viewed as a variation of Limbo. These demons haven’t found their purpose yet, and usually don’t care after a time. 

Purposes come in all shapes and sizes. For example, some are loud and abrasive like saving the world. Another example can be small and subtle like inhabiting and possessing a tree, the demon becoming a tree spirit or a tree demon. It’s preferred for a demon to search for the purpose upon their existence; however, Lucifer never enforces this rule as he views it’s not practical.

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