The moment upon selling their soul to Lucifer, the witch gains the ability to cast magic. The magic becomes part of the witch, ingrained into their very self. Instantly, it becomes part of their genetic makeup. However, conducting spells and rituals is no easy feat. The ability to summon magic is within their grasp. Except it takes time to educate, learn, and practice from other experienced witches, books, or enchanted mentors to channel the magic to properly utilize it.

Another benefit that comes with becoming a witch, is the reward of gaining their wish they are granted at the moment of selling their soul. It is typically the longing for a true desire which catapults into sacrificing their soul to Lucifer. The wish can be anything, nearly no limits as long as it’s to Lucifer’s amusement or grand picture. 

People who become witches either come from tragic beginnings or have ulterior motives. The magic allows them an outlet or release from these aspects. At the core, magic is neutral. It’s how it’s used that determines if the magic is deadly or helpful.

Casting spells and rituals aren’t always the same across witches. While the overview of the spells may be consistent, witches typically customize the intricacies such as gestures, chants, clothing, movement, and locations to fit their individual preferences and personalities. This is a trait that witches naturally seem to do, and is allowed within the craft. 

According to records, witches do not worship Lucifer. Sometimes, they call upon natural spirits to aid them in their spells, but spirits are fickle, which often leads the witch summoning a familiar as they’re more reliable. Witches also do not leave sacrifices for Lucifer and they’re free to live out their lives. Lucifer has no interest after he makes a  contract as he’s already obtained what’s needed from them.


Catalysts are objects given shortly after their conception into becoming a witch. The catalyst condenses and filters their magic into a focused point. The catalyst is often an object that’s a manifestation to symbolize the witch’s lost soul. One should be able to look at a catalyst and learn everything about the witch from perceiving it. It can either be an item Lucifer gave the witch personally, or it can be an item previously treasured by the individual.