BVS No Spoiler Review


Alright folks here we go, my unspoiler review of BvS: Dawn of Justice:

Let’s first get this notion out of the way that you need to be a “true comic book nerd” to appreciate a movie like this. Stop, that’s not how this works. We can’t fault people for why they fell in love with a character. I for instance became obsessed way back when I first saw Batman: The Animated Series. Coupled with the Michael Keaton adaptation Batman Returns, I was hooked. I however didn’t pick up a comic until college. I loved the way my character was brought to life whether that be by Kevin Conroy or any of the former live action actors who have put on the cape and cowl.
I read some old source material and stories but I wasn’t hooked until I picked up Scott Snyder’s New 52 run of Batman. I’m off topic but you get my point.

With all that said and done this is a movie that the child in me begged for since before he even thought it possible. Over the years I’ve seen multiple Superman, Batman, and even Wonder Woman attempts in Hollywood but they all worked (or didn’t) for varying reasons. Let’s just say I can’t really blame Clooney for the Batnipples since he doesn’t have much say in the wardrobe department nor the script for that matter, yet here we are never letting him forget it.

I had a lot of reservations going into this movie. I’m a huge Batman fan and everyone seemed to want to know what my thoughts were on it. Honestly it was a mixed bag of emotions. I tried to save all of my final thoughts until I saw it. It’s like when I grew up and didn’t want what Mom cooked for dinner, you either eat or you go to bed hungry. This was kind of that for me.

There’s good, bad, and ugly with this movie no matter how you slice it. With all the time and effort parts seemed rushed or forced. Which left me frankly thinking “This is a long trailer for Justice League.” Now I will say Henry, Ben and Gal delivered which was a huge relief. Even though I’d of loved to see more of Jeremy Irons “Alfred” he gave a good energy to a character that is essential to the mythos of Batman. I however didn’t feel excited or say, “Yeah!”, until the last few minutes of the movie. Which was disappointing considering in The Dark Knight the entire audience cheered, gasped, and gave every possible emotion in between together. This only left us with one cheer and a lot of questions about the future of the DC Cinematic Universe. While I applaud the easter eggs and the subtle (or not) nods to the various comics they pulled from, it still managed to feel rushed and more like throwing your favorite foods all together on one plate without realizing that not only is plating important but skittles aren’t supposed to go next to lobster.

Lex who is one of my favorite DC villains, more for the TV version of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, fell incredibly short for me. He came off more of a mad scientist than cold, calculating, manipulative strategist. I’m still not entirely sure why they made him Lex Jr. but that’s creative license I guess. While I know they have opened up the door for an entire world we’ve all grown to love to hit the big screen. I worry that this didn’t live up to the hype because it wasn’t sure what it wanted to be. I’ll still say Captain America: The Winter Soilder is the best superhero movie to date. It was an incredible story, well placed and paced action, plus all the easter eggs without seeming overwhelming.

With all that said and done, did this movie deliver? Yes, but I have to ask what? Was this what I wanted? Was this what I’ve been waiting almost my entire life for? Sadly, no… it’s not. Where I recommend you get the experience yourself, might I suggest you do it when it’s a matinee perhaps? Don’t spend outrageous money on IMAX AND 3D for a movie that didn’t utilize it to it’s fullest. You’ll love it, you’ll hate it and you’ll undoubtedly watch it. So enjoy it for what it is, or not. I’ll let you all decide that for yourselves. As for me? This caped hero can’t wait for The Killing Joke.