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Creator Spotlight: Tackling Pokemon.

We teamed up again with our friends over at GOASH. The last spot light featured various cosplayers showcasing their cosplay representing a decade theme. Now we wanted to spotlight some more cosplayers, but this time we are going with a pokemon theme! Thank you to all the cosplayers that participated and thank you to GOASH […]


We have a two for one for you guys! We want to spot light the awesome podcast hosted by Sam Vera and Jorge Medina. In this episode they interview The Nerds of the Round. Make sure you guys show this podcast some love by subscribing to them on your favorite podcast app and/or subscribe to […]

A Chit Chat with Jorge Medina

When I first started down this path as a creator, my first con I ever tabled at was Inbeoncon. One of the lessons I learned from my business class prior to the con was that I had to network in the industry to really open doors. Networking to me wasn’t only about opening doors, but […]

A Chit chat with Bryan Martinez

We here at Inbeonmag love meeting creators. One such creator I have met is Bryan Martinez. Funny thing is I met him when he was cosplaying a very awesome Dr. Strange that he designed. Since then he is someone that reminds me creators can do anything. This year he has exhibited at cons like Flamecon […]