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This week’s Artist Spotlight has an affinity for the study of biology, and finds it fascinating. Early on, he thought if he couldn’t be an artist or engineer, he’d be a marine biologist. His head is now filled with random facts about animals. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy a very lively interview from the prolific […]

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Anthony Preziosi

We are winding down to the big day. Inbeon Con is this Saturday, and we’re hitting you with back to back Artist Spotlights this week to get you all hyped up. Everyone who meets this next artist is always blown away by his caliber of work as well as his genuine vibes. Anthony Preziosi, is […]


Week two of our Artist Spotlights splits his time between New Orleans and New York City, but he believes he’s here in NYC to stay. Mike Grossman is the creator of Goofy Froot. He got his comic creating feet wet back in 2011 when he collaborated with fellow artist, Max Travers. Since then, they’ve been […]

IRON FIST – Not everything is black and white…unless you make it that way.

“Not everything is black and white…unless you make it that way.” Let’s start with this… YES, there is a need for more representation in Hollywood. FACT. Not Tyler Perry roles, Mobsters, Martial Artists… just pick your stereotype. Listen I completely understand why Scarlett Johansson was cast as The Major for Ghost in the Shell, but […]