Creator Spotlight: Tackling Pokemon.

We teamed up again with our friends over at GOASH. The last spot light featured various cosplayers showcasing their cosplay representing a decade theme. Now we wanted to spotlight some more cosplayers, but this time we are going with a pokemon theme! Thank you to all the cosplayers that participated and thank you to GOASH for putting this article together. Hope you guys enjoy.

  • Name: Yolanda Lovell
  • Cosplay Name:  Yoyo
  • Instagram: princessyoyo09
  • Name of Cosplay/Charcater: Umbreon 

Yolanda Lovell is a 29 year old and from Houston, Texas. She’s a cosplayer that has been cosplaying for 8 year. Yolanda told us “Cosplay is for everyone just to have fun.”

  • Name: Jesse Jobin Jr., Jenna Jobin, and Sofia Jobin as Ash 
  • Instagram: ttv_kidflash1607, janet_0mega and _boiledpenguin_
  • Name of Cosplay Character (s): Ash Ketchum, Eve and Misty from Pokemon

Jenna- Is a 35 years old originally from Sunnyside area of Staten Island.  She enjoys watching Mario speedrunners. She has a funko collection of over 600 pops. Jenna is a fan of pro wrestler Kenny Omega and is a certified nurse’s aide.

Jesse Jr.- Is a 13 years old originally from St. George area of Staten Island.  He enjoys watching anime as well as drawing characters from different shows. Jesse aspires to be a professional gamer and his twitch channel is He also enjoys ramen soup.

Sofia- Soon to be 12 years old, originally from St. George area of Staten island.  She enjoys watching anime,  9-1-1 and that 70s show.  Sofia is a horror movie fanatic and her favorite movie is Stephen King’s IT. She is an avid animal crossing player and loves all things kawaii!

  • Name: Julia Correale
  • Instagram: evergreen.gif
  • Photographer: costumedactivistcosplay
  • Name of Cosplay/Character: Sobble from Pokemon Sword and Shield

Julia Correale is a 26 year old Staten Island cosplayer who uses her natural passion for the arts to bring characters and photoshoots to life. When she’s not showcasing her own cosplays, she’s hard at work building costumes and props with elaborate designs for herself and friends. You can keep up with Julia on instagram: evergreen.gif. If the fine arts are more your speed, evergreen_printshop showcases her screenprinting and design!

  • Name: Patrick Diamond
  • Cosplay Name: Diamond Quality Cosplay
  • Instagram: diamondqualitycosplay
  • Name of Cosplay: Mega Scizzor

Patrick  is of Diamond Quality Cosplay. He is from New Jersey and he has been cosplaying for roughly 5 years. Cosplaying Pokemon gijinkas is a recent passion of his.

  • Name: Steven Fontaine
  • Cosplay Name:   Costumed Activist Cosplay
  • Instagram: costumedactivistcosplay 

Steven Fontaine is a 28 year old Staten Island resident with 10 years of cosplay experience. Through the Real Life Superheros (RLSH) community, he has been directly involved in community organizing as Dusk Citizen, the hero we all…have. Between organizing shoots, building cosplays, community outreach, and becoming a self taught chef, Steven barely has time to play Animal Crossing, the sacrifices we make for art. Keep up with him on instagram: costumedactivistcosplay and you might even get to see his cat.

  • Name: Kim Retena
  • Cosplay Name:
  • Instagram:
  • Photographer: delbeniphotos
  • Name of Cosplay: Johnny Cage 80’s Miami

Kim Retena has been cosplaying since 2015, at first she thought it would be a one time thing but, then started to form friendships and became more confident in herself. Kim found a great sense of support in love from the community. She thinks that cosplay in itself has changed her for the better. She has told us it has made her outgoing and break out of her shell. And that was something she thought she wouldn’t be able to do without meeting the friends she’s made up till now.

  • Name: Bri Wysocki
  • Cosplay Name:   Brikachu Cosplay
  • Instagram: BrikachuCosplay
  • Name of Cosplay: Umbreon in a bathing suit/belly dancer style

Bri Wysocki has been cosplaying for about 7 years now. She loves all the creative aspects that come together with it and seeing people portray and bring characters to life. This is her second cosplay she has sewn from scratch.

  • Name: Johnathan Diel
  • Cosplay Name:   Real Diel Cosplay 
  • Instagram: realdielcosplay
  • Photographer: costumedactivistcosplay
  • Name of Cosplay: Grookey, the grass starter for Pokemon sword and shield

Jonathan Diel is a 26 year old Staten Island resident and cosplayer with a specialty in bald cosplay. He’s currently in a psychology masters program when he’s not organizing photoshoots with other local cosplayers or attending cons. He enjoys long walks in the woods, mimosas, hiking and literally anything his girlfriend has ever done. You can find him on instagram realdielcosplay to keep up with his work.

  • Name: Lauren Victoria
  • Cosplay Name:   Lulu Sunshyne
  • Name of Cosplay:Nurse Joy

Lulu Sunshyne is a 21 year old cosplayer and english education student who is a New York City native. Fairly new to the world of cosplay, her favorite cosplays have been Nurse Joy and Princess Rosalina. When not in cosplay Lulu can be found playing Animal Crossing or going for a walk with her beloved German Shepherd.​

Article by: Najah Abdul-Qawiyy

Show runner for Geek Out At Snug Harbor