I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate more D&D into my everyday life. I think I found a fun way to incorporate fun, fitness, wellness, and such into your life using some D&D elements. 

Step 1: Create Yourself as a PC

Let’s face it we’re all, unfortunately, Variant Humans BUT that isn’t too bad. You can be any race but the idea is to be as close to who you are IRL. You can get the other races in by doing a sheet of starting abilities. For instance, if you pick Dragonborn you might do more strength-based workouts and have abilities in Strength and Charisma. (Thanks to Guy for that last tip) (Honesty is key, bounce it off friends if you think it’d help)

Step 2: Assemble Your Party

Choose a friend as an accountability buddy/workout partner and also a friend as a DM. They can be the same person, but someone who is willing to go on this adventure with you.

Step 3: Let’s Roll

Weekly Rolls:

At the start of your week roll a d8. That will determine your number of days to workout for the week. 

Roll a d12 to determine how many weeks this adventure will take place. You want to lose 30lbs in 3 months (12 weeks), learn to play a new instrument, or even discover a new hobby.

Roll a d10 to determine how many skill checks you have to complete based on your goals and current stats.

Daily Rolls:

Roll a d20 to determine how many minutes you would spend working out or doing an activity. Do you want to workout? Cool. Want to improve your intelligence score? Time to hit the books. 

Roll a d6 to determine how many times per day you will do this activity. It can be done all at once or broken up throughout the course of the day.

Roll a d4 to determine your breaks (short rests 30m – 1h).

Step 4: Leveling Up

Take everything you do and give it an XP value. Calorie intake or burned is easy, but what about building skills? Finishing a book, completing a project, or even building and keeping habits are all ways we can earn XP. It’s D&D, so be creative. 

Step 5: Level 20

You did it. You’ve taken yourself to the max, but what do you do now? Is it all over? Certainly not. You can keep building yourself up and taking on bigger and more daring challenges. Travel the world and start a new business (Guild). Now you’re ready to help new PCs complete their stories too.

In the words of Matt Mercer, “How do you want to do this?” Comment below on how you used this or made your own homebrew tweaks to it down below in the comments. Be sure to connect with us in our group on Facebook as well (Inbeon D&D) and lastly have fun!