Did you know? A community experience.

“You gotta watch it!”… “You’re missing out!”… “When you get to episode 6, CALL ME!”

We have all been there when it comes to someone recommending a particular show. Every 6 months, I have the urge to get “Crunchy Roll”. Which is like “Netflix” for Anime. The reason why it has been calling me like the chocolate cake from last week’s birthday party is the one, the only, “Attack on Titan”. It rekindled my love for Anime. My friends which I like to call the U.N. (because of the age and race diversity) have all agreed that if I wanted to watch something awesome “Attack on Titan” is the thing to do. 

Dating back to 2014, I recall Asian, Hispanic, African American, European, and all others in the U.N. practically begging me to watch this series. My Puerto Rican classmate told me that I must call her after episode 6. Geez, it didn’t even take that long to catch my dedication. Although I did call her, I was now the next in line to beg others to experience the good-ness. My father aged in his late 60’s, my girlfriend in her early 30’s, and my cousin in her late teens all got the message and loved what they saw. They were delighted to share what they experienced with me. Whether it was depression, joy, or even suspicion about the story-line… messages were sent. And to show how wonderful Anime can be not all that I shared with believed in “watching cartoons”. We were all hooked. This is a phenomenon that exists in the digital age. I like to call it the “Do you knows?” A love for others to experience something you have and the talking about it like a trip you took to China.

Fast forward to recently, we all took part in communal joy and sharing of posts/articles when we heard season 2 was on the way. How delighted we were to know that something we enjoyed so much is coming back. It made us feel like our good friend left town but is coming back with gifts and stories.

It is not just “Attack on Titan” that creates this sense of community between family, friends, and even total strangers. It is “Gundam”, “Death Note”, and series like “Full Metal Alchemist”. These are all recommendations that if watched will give me the key to another person’s heart, mind, and soul as a member of shared experience. What a strange concept. If I enjoy the same thing as you, I can automatically win your heart as we intelligently talk about what some would describe as “the feels” the show gave us. This is the driving force behind the communities at Conventions. 

What anime, shows, games, and/or comics make you automatically attracted to converse with a total stranger about? Let us know in the comments and maybe your community might get just a little bit bigger.

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