Do you believe the movie critics?

Do you believe the rating some movies get by critics? Probably as much as I believe the horoscope. Yeah, not a lot. It’s nice to have a general guideline if the movie is received well or not. But I haven’t met one person that says they didn’t see a movie these days because a critic or a website score labeled it as a flop. Unless their friends or family agree. I personally stopped believing the reviews after a comedy movie was reviewed by one of these esteemed critics as not having a cohesive storyline. A cohesive storyline?! So let me get this straight. You want a movie that is made for people to laugh to be as deep as “The Color Purple”? Now the movie isn’t the joke, you are! Rate a comedy on the ability for someone to laugh, and NOT you or your lack of humor! My stance on the topic is that some movies are just not for everyone but that doesn’t mean they are bad. Everyone has a bias.

To go even deeper on this topic, ever wonder how some of these critics manage to always have something good to say about a particularly bad movie? Well for some of these movie premiers, the company of the studio will fly out the critic, book them a hotel room, feed them, and let them attend the star-studded premiere of the said movie. Or the critic belongs to the same company as the movie studio’s conglomerate. So don’t be fooled by the flowery and wonderful praise some of these movies get. I want a critic to say something like “this movie was only good if you like (insert topic or genre)”. Or something to let us know you might like it if… during the movie promotion but there’s no excitement or money in that idea. Personalization has no time for generalities in the box office crowds. Just don’t condemn it… eh, you know what? Do what you will. We aren’t listening anyway. I much rather enjoy a movie I know nothing about than building up such a hype just for me to see if my expectations are consistent with your standards.

I have a great idea. Movie critics, are you listening? Tell me what you movies you like and make it well known so that I can see if our interests align.

Am I alone when it comes to not believing the score some of these movies get? When did you lose faith in the critics? Do you believe in rotten tomatoes or other rating based websites? Bottom line, what is your opinion? Sound off in the comments below.