Getting to Know the Son of A Saint

Since I began this road as an artist, one of the key things for me has been networking. Through networking, I have made great friends, business connections and have even found my second family Inbeon. Through my travels, I was fortunate to meet a Digital Artist killing it right now. He goes by the Son of A Saint and I’m happy to call this artist my friend. 

Thanks again for taking the time and doing this interview. For those that don’t know you, give us a brief intro about yourself?

I’m Angel “SonofaSaint” Lopez, Brooklyn born Digital Artist/Graphic Designer that has become known for “Celebrity Super-Hero Mashups”.

What made you want to be an artist?

As a kid, I was always into comic books, thanks to my dad. I would always try to draw the characters. It was always a great escape for me. With every line, a new world would develop on the page that I could get lost in. As an adult, I haven’t lost that feeling. 

You do a lot of great digital art, be it mash-ups to logos. What have been some of your favorite pieces?

I think I tend to bleed into anything I really do. So each piece is definitely special to me in its own way. But if I had to ABSOLUTELY chose one it’d be the Mark Hamill tribute piece I created a while back. I was able to really relive my childhood thru that piece.

Being a Puerto Rican artist, has that influenced any of your art?  

I think it all depends on what I’m working on. If it calls for bright vibrant colors, then absolutely. I’d draw inspiration from the island and the culture. But since I’m more of a Nuyorican, I tend to somehow mix my culture and my childhood experiences growing up in Brooklyn.

You and I have done a lot of shows together. We have been through the good, the bad and maybe some ugly. What advice would you give to a new artist looking to do conventions? 

Work hard, Create art, Get a travel pillow (they’re awesome), and always find a way to make things happen. Everything doesn’t always go to plan when you’re on the road. Be flexible and ready to make adjustments as you go.

As an artist and businessman, how important are networking at events? Aside from us being good friends which began through Networking, give our readers some examples of how it has benefited you.

Networking is key, especially if you’re an artist. People can love and buy your stuff all day, but unfortunately, you need to find ways to be more “out there”. Networking can connect you, not only new fandoms. But business opportunities and in Sebastian and myself’s case, long-lasting working friendships. You never know what you can learn from someone else who maybe doesn’t do your “style” or maybe isn’t an artist at all. They can perhaps give you a broader perspective of attack and successfully accomplish your end goal.

You have been known to catch the eyes of celebrities from time to time. What’s that feel like when you have a piece that you put together and you have a celebrity hold it up or give you a shout out?

I have been very fortunate and blessed to have that happen and every time it does, its an amazing experience. It’s amazing to know that I spent X amount of hours on a piece out of love and respect for either the actor/character or brand and they end up loving the piece. I’m always eternally Grateful.

You work for a local print company, how do you juggle being an artist and your day job? Any advice you can give to any artist who feels that their day jobs hold them back?

That’s a difficult question to answer. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a boss who understands what I do and cuts me a lot of slack, but others may not be as fortunate. So I’d say weigh your options at the moment. Ask yourself “can my art sustain not only my bills but the cost I will need for my business?”

Con costs, Travel, Food, Materials, inventory? All these things are a factor in making a decision. Sometimes its just a matter of having faith in yourself and your ability. Whatever your decision just make a plan and make it happen.

What are some of your dream projects that you wish to work on?

Mannnnnn listen, lol I’d love to do some variant covers for some comics, Maybe some album art for some music. My list is just too long lol

I know you lay down some great work both traditional and digital. Do you ever deal with or get any hate from those you consider peers because of your digital work?  

(Laughs) A good majority of the time. Not a lot of folks understand what guys like me do. They see a piece and they think that because it was done in photoshop or illustrator that its a cut and paste job or I press a button and it does it for me. I may not be a traditional master (at all) but I need my fundamentals in traditional to be able to do the pieces I create digitally. There are plenty of artist friends I have that I may not like their style of art, but I respect the hell out of them for making it happen and that’s the thing respect is always key.

 What advice would you give in turning those situations into a positive situation? 

Sometimes you just have to pull out the jewels out of the sand of crap. If someones bashing your style or your art you can always ask “well what is it you don’t like or understand?” If what they don’t like is something you can see as a technique flaw then work on it, if they don’t understand the process, explain as much as you can (we sometimes suffer for lack of knowledge and make assumptions based on it) If its just straight up negative and disrespectful then don’t deal with it and move on. We make art cuz we love what we do and how it makes us feel, don’t let anyway take your joy away from you.

If you had the opportunity to pick any artist’s brain, who would that be?

Aw Man, too many to list. Bosslogic, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Alex Ross, Jeszika Le Vye, Menton3, Godmachine, Dan Mumford I can just go on and on 

Now let’s get back to your artwork and style. How often did you practice? And what tips would you give to those who are struggling in the digital art medium?

I tend to do something every other day. Trying different things out, whether it be lighting techniques or messing around with different digital brushes. Sometimes just sketching here and there with a pencil and paper. As with any art form regardless of medium PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. If you feel a bit burned out to take a day off but get back on it.

How have you approached areas where you had trouble in doing when drawing a piece? For example me, I have issues sometimes with hands and feet. What I use to do was take pictures of hands or references shots of my hands and draw over them. Tell us some of your methods.

One of the biggest things I sometimes get frustrated with is perspective or certain poses. Sometimes I’ll just take an action figure or statue I have and put a spotlight on it and turn it to where I need the light to reflect and just follow that. Or use two objects and put some distance between them and snap pics of them to help as a reference. There’s always some way to figure it out, just gotta be creative.

On my show The Nerds of the Round, I always close with a poops and giggles question. So I thought for this interview why not. So for poops and giggles, if you could have any superpower what would it be?

I’d be a speedster There literally never enough time to get certain things done lol

Angel it has been a pleasure and want to thank you again for taking the time out to do this interview. Please tell our readers where we can find you.

Its always a pleasure chatting it up with your brother. I’m currently on multiple social media platforms. IG: @the_sonofasaint  Twitter: @S0n0fasaint FB: Sonofasaintart 

And you could always look up my website

Thanks again!