In the days of old, we believed that the world was created when the All father Odin, son of Borr, slew Ymir, creator of the universe and Frost Giants. His body became the Earth. His bones became the mountains. His skull became the sky. His hair became the trees and his blood became the rivers and the seas. We now know that this is not true. However, it is not altogether false.

Set in an alternative universe where humankind has shunned the notion of preordained fate and instead embraced rapid technological advancement. After depleting the natural resources of Earth, they took to the skies and colonized the stars. One such planet is Asgard, a place that is nearly 90% water. Here a naval/military society is built, not unlike the Spartans of Greece where the men are bred to fight, to show no fear or compassion and with the aid of nanobots are able to live prolonged lives and heal at a rapid speed.

As a member of the most elite of these soldiers, the Aesir, Owen is sent on a journey back to Earth to set up an outpost. However, all does not go according to plan. When Owen awakes, he is where he set out to be but not when. What comes after he opens his eyes, not only changes his life but changes that course of the future itself.

Written by Thomas Lapierre III
Art by Zack Rezendes
Edited by Jason Woods