Hate/Cancel Culture

“I can’t believe they canceled my show.”

“You can’t seriously like that, can you?”

“That’s so trash.”

“Bandwagon…. Bash… Hate…. Toxicity.”


This is what a lot of our social media timelines look like. After every trailer release, show cancellation, video game drop, or new app appears… so does the hate. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but as they say, “opinions are like assholes, everyone has them.” With the rise of Hate and Cancel Culture, I wanted to ask the question, why? Why can’t people just enjoy what they like? I realize the can of worms I open with this but fully welcome the discussion.

So why? Why are we so rooted in our behavior and mindset that we can’t ever really give something a chance. I am not a huge fan of reboots myself but I’m always up for narratives that can be retold and reimagined in ways that don’t seem like an updated version of the original – same car with a new coat of paint if you will. Give me something to sink my teeth into. That again, is just me.

For some, they feel like it’s an injustice to the source material. With everything getting some sort of film or screen adaptation, people are often holding “their” characters, worlds, and stories a little close to the vest. It’s not for you the individual though, it’s for the collective audience.

For some they simply don’t give something new a chance because it’s “over hyped and boring,” but you know that’s merely what they heard from the grapevine. So many times I’ve seen someone miss out on something, originally cause they’re too stubborn. They base their entire view on something off of someone else’s opinion that they took for GOSPEL. (Cue facepalm). How would you know you didn’t enjoy a food until you’ve tried it? How would you understand change and growth of palate in yourself if you didn’t risk trying it again, maybe the first impression of something wasn’t the best. This is 2019 there’s so many versions of something, it would make our ancestors head spin. Stop being childish.

Why are we so entitled now that we can’t let people enjoy what they want either? What may be my guilty pleasure may not be your Sunday brunch and that’s fine. Why bash? I don’t have to like your stuff or you mine, but that doesn’t give us any right to say our tastes are flat out wrong. Listen there’s some stuff that are universally (at least should be) true… BvS was garbage, The Last Airbender was a dumpster fire of an anime adaptation, and I fell asleep in Avatar and don’t care about his sequel to Dancing with Wolves / Ferngully / Pocahontas…you get the picture. I am mostly joking in that I think those are true but I know people who would defend these with their lives. I don’t know why, but it may not be my place to know why either. Let them be wro… be. Yeah, let them be.

Lastly, if your show gets canceled and you are so up in arms about it, petition it, get active about it. We saw what happened to Brooklyn 99 right? However… DON’T sit here and tell me with a straight face that you’re canceling Netflix because they dropped all the Marvel shows. You know you kept it because you’re looking forward to Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman, Queer Eye, The Umbrella Academy, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo… SHOULD I CONTINUE? Oh, you canceled? You can’t cancel and still ask for your friend’s password. You just got upset and it’s okay. We all do but help pay for the service your sharing and don’t be a sour puss. K? Thanks. BYE!