I didn’t ENJOY Avengers: Endgame…

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One does not simply ENJOY this epic rollercoaster of a movie.

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Last weekend, fans of the Marvel Universe sold out seats for Avengers: Endgame faster than I could’ve said $220 for weekend Comic Con tickets. (I’m not kidding.) Fans like me had to show up at 7am on Sunday April 28th, to avoid spoiler culture. Thankfully my feed only spoils Game of Thrones, but I digress. This movie culminated the last decade or so of this Marvel Universe, and what an end it was.

Firstly, you don’t simply “enjoy” a movie like this. This movie is too multifaceted to simply say “I enjoyed it.” When people ask if I enjoyed it, my initial response is “No, I don’t enjoy crying!!!” However, that isn’t my complete set of sentiments about this movie. It is stuck to my heart. I give you, my fun review lead by emojis. Enjoy.


Marvel has confirmed that a mouse saved the universe. Incorrect. That was a FREAKING RAT! A BIG ONE TOO. But thank you, rat. You were the catalyst of the one scenario that Doctor Strange saw that would save the Universe.


Thanos did what he set out to do then decided to retire and live a quiet peaceful life on an alien farm. Thor decided to aim for a head a bit too late. Therefore, my response while watching in 4DX was firstly, “Omg, they sprayed blood (water) on us. I’m officially grossed out.” Followed by “Dag, why he do him like that?”. Immediately followed by “Nah, son. You deserved that. You killed teen Groot. GROOT! You said you’re killing half of life on the planet because we were destroying it and you go kill an innocent tree! 86 that SOB, Thor!!”


America’s ass. That’s all. Just gonna leave that there for you to debate and discuss amongst yourselves.


They played Ant Man y’all. He just helped you save the planet, and you send him off like a child going back to bed. Wow, that’s how we do friends though? In all seriousness though, Ant Man really stepped up and was down for the team. Paul Rudd did a fantastic job with this portrayal. I got incredibly emotional when he saw his daughter. Just me? Hashtag, daddy’s girl.


Did anyone else get all the feelings when reformed Hulk gave Ant Man one of his tacos after his blew away with the helicopter gusts? The feels though.


Certainly there are pages of anecdotes about who is strong enough to wield the infinity stones, and why Thanos was the only one who could. Therefore there was much gnashing of teeth when the Hulk was able to do so as well. We didn’t see how Tony Stark created the new glove, so we don’t know why Hulk could wield it. Kindly, let’s let it go.


I was in an Avengers: Endgame discussion group to discuss without spoiling it. A woman said “Can we talk about my favorite scene though?” and posted this image.

Many men claimed it to be forced and unrealistic, and while the writing isn’t without its minor flaws, no one said anything when Tony, Cap, and Hulk did the same thing moments before. So let’s let that go too. Women in audiences across the nation cheered aloud seeing this moment. It was NECESSARY. PERIODT. If you don’t see why this was a shining and perfect moment, check your privilege.


While some the mental health community took this as a jab, and responded with negative criticism about how this could’ve been an opportunity to address mental health, others who have experienced mental health issues saw the gag and laughed their butts off right along with me. We don’t need to be offended about everything. I too got fat and drank a lot when I was depressed, so let us laugh a bit. It’s just a superhero movie, not a Lifetime series.


Valkyrie is alive! Yay! Congrats, new Queen of Asgard! We were worried you got dusted.


Before the start of the show, I grabbed tissues because a friend of mine posted a before and after, and it looked like he’d been crying. Coming prepared for tears was the best thing I could’ve done.

I used every single one.

I got emotional when Ant man saw his daughter, I cried when Captain America chose a new timeline with the love of his life, I cried when Tony was lost in space, and I bawled when Tony died. I’m still not ready to address it fully.

Image: olivia.wendella.art on Instagram

And everyone who was hype about seeing it again right away must enjoy pain and suffering because my emotions can’t even deal! We stayed for the end credits, and I’m glad no one told me they’re weren’t any. The visceral feeling of seeing a black screen as the house lights went up made me audibly gasp and cry even more at the finality of it all. When asked why we heard Iron Man’s machine sounds at the end credits, Marvel responded that it was their way of saying goodbye. However, I didn’t hear that sound because everyone was gasping right along with me in the theater. One girl moaned “Noooooo!” after gasping, and I felt her pain so deeply.


What an end to a great run. I laughed, cried, and held on to my seat because it was in 4DX and we were moving and getting punched in the back. Highly recommended! I also did that lean forward with your hands over your mouth thing, waiting to see how the scene ends. You know the move.


And not to worry, Marvel will not stop making films. We have a new Cap, the comics have a replacement for Iron Man (a genius black girl, who is smarter than Tony), and Captain Marvel will likely get another movie or two. Who knows!


Lastly, bless up to the King, Stan Lee. I cried in his Spiderman: Into the Multiverse movie cameo, and Captain Marvel cameo, so I thought I would cry in this one, but it was funny. It made me laugh instead. Thankfully.


#ididnotenjoythismovie My feelings are just too deep for that.

Article by Lorisse Bentinรฉ

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