Inbeon Con 2017

“What a day” is normally a way of saying thank god this day is over. Well not this time. What a day! What a day filled with cosplay, gaming, panels, friends, family, art, and fun! Yes, fun! It was all over this glorious event that we call Inbeon Con. 3,000 plus in attendance and not a dull expression spotted. The artists in each booth seemed more friendly and gregarious than the next. The gaming section spanned from chairs of guests playing Super Nintendo to Sega to N64 to Playstations. The Cosplay… whoa! The cosplay was everywhere you looked. From Darth Vader to the rock group Demon Boy there was some legit costumes and believe me when I say the Cosplay Contest was where we saw talent and passion combined in a way that was magical. Inbeon Con was a successful event that I was happy to be both a part of and a guest of.

Normally, conventions have a special place for artists in “Artist Alley”. Well not this convention! As founder of Inbeon, Eric Hutchison, has said in former interviews “…who wants to be thrown in an alley?!” The whole convention was focused on the artists! Not only unique but successful! These thriving artists are the reasons we have to gaze upon storylines or have commissioned pieces that we praise as our own. This convention wasn’t just artists selling their work. No, this was a glance into what we know as art through their creators’ personality, energy, smiles, beliefs, humor, and most importantly… lives. So many different stories, and conversations. Not to mention merchandise. I definitely partook in purchasing some art and even got some for free that I will treasure for years to come.

The panels were great too. Starting off “Spirited Away” was shown to the early birds. Then we learned about the new wild wild west of independent publishing in the “Publishing & Art” panel. We got a glimpse into the world of artists that make things happen. The panel even gave tips to take your creations to the next level. Then came the fun and relatable “BOSS FIGHT” Panel. The Panelists discussed what makes a boss in a game great. From the characters to the memorable fights, they discussed what makes a boss truly boss-like. Very fun to enjoy and be a part of as it was a community discussion as well. Then came “COSPLAY CRAFTING 101” cosplay vets discussed the basics of getting into cosplay, different methods of creating/buying costumes, and wrapped things up with a Q&A. The final event was the cosplay contest. Probably the most popular event of the day. So many talented, passionate, unique, and fun contestants as well as judges. I managed to host the event and I think the highlight for me was singing “The Golden Girls” theme song with a Bea Aurther/Kill Bill Cosplayer. It was too fun!

All in all a great time with great people. My only wish is that next year it’s more than just one day! As my father and I praised Eric (the reason this Con exists), he explained that it wasn’t just him. It was the community of passionate individuals that made this happen. I have to agree. This event wasn’t a show as much as it was a family gathering that will continue to thrive as long as there is love for pop culture and a sense of community. Can’t wait for next year!

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