Long Ago in ancient Japan, demons and mononoke walked freely upon the Earth. Many of these creatures were a plague on mankind and would cause destruction for their own sheer amusement. However, there were some demons that were not evil, but rather enjoyed the company of humans. This is the story of such a creature; a fox demon named Suki who fought against the evil in order to protect mankind from slipping into darkness.

The better part of a year has passed since Suki wandered into a small mountain village named Tenske. With an acute case of amnesia, Suki was cared for by the kind townspeople. Little does she know that something evil has been searching for her. The only clues to finding her true identity are a ring left behind by a dark stranger and reoccuring nightmares of terrors from her past.

And so Suki sets off to recover her memory and find out the truth behind the visions she keeps dreaming. Who is the dark stranger that left behind for her a single ring? Why is she being hunted by creatures that want to harm her?

Story and Art by Talia Parker
Covers Painted by Eric Hutchison & Nhan Nguyen

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