Kratos VS Spawn – Death Battle

We have all engaged in disputes about who would win in fictional character battles. We have argued based on facts and opinions. Well, what about science and mathematics? Too much time and knowledge to muster? Well, look no further.

I have been a loyal fan of “ScrewAttack!: Death Battle!” From all time hypothetical battle between Superman and Dragonball Z’s Goku to Pokemon starter creatures in an all-out 3-way brawl, Death Battle has not only the backstory and capabilities of these iconic figures. They also simulate a literal death battle between these two contenders with a logistical breakdown of why the victor reigns supreme. They do their homework and although you may not agree (which is highly unlikely) the outcome is hard to refute.

Czech out the link to see where my journey began with Death Battle and feel free to have preconceived notions on who might win. I doubt any disappointment. Other than your favorite character being pulverized lol