My So-Called Con Life: AnimeNEXT (2016)

AnimeNEXT, a con I always wanted to hit and was finally able to this year thanks to my friends. I didn’t have any of my anime cosplays ready, except Marlon from Pokemon Black and White, but that wouldn’t stop me. With cosplays in hand and a huge bag packed, we set off early Friday morning. I finally wore my “Reading Rainbow” cosplay to a con and it was a huge hit! The con wasn’t what I expected, it was certainly bigger than CPAC, but I thought it should have more variety. Thankfully the cosplays and few artists I met there were just the spice of variety that was needed. I saw great group cosplays such as a Genderbend Disney group, Punk Sailor Scout group, and an amazing Digimon group!  It was a fun weekend and one made better by the people I shared my time with. From after parties to photoshoots, and from the boardwalk to the convention, AnimeNEXT was a memorable experience that I won’t ever forget.