My So-Called Con Life: Awesome Con (2016)

Washington D.C., the nation’s capital, home of the White House and AwesomeCon. Welcome back to another look into: “My So-Called Comic Life”! AwesomeCon is D.C.’s big convention, and I was fortunate enough to join Epic Hutch, The Lead Beard, and the rest of the Inbeon Family for a weekend of fun and shenanigans! This being my first time in D.C. for an extended amount of time and being able to be with all my friends, made this a worthwhile experience.

So one of the biggest highlights for me? Was it being on the news? Was it cosplaying Batman Beyond and running into a Return of the Joker cosplayer? These all were really really cool, but finally getting a photo with Will Friedle thanks to Hutch meant the world to me. I’ve actually met him before. Two years ago at NYCC I tried my hand at making my very first Batman Beyond cosplay, and he stops me to say “Hey, great costume!”. I could of very easily passed out but adrenaline kept me on my feet. He took a lot of pictures of me but sadly I was too awestruck to get one myself. (I’ll share the story with you guys sometime.)

I’ll get back to that in just a bit, but first, let’s walk you through the show. I got in on Thursday night so I wasn’t able to help set up but got to hang out with Alyssa and Lead Beard at the hotel. Friday was a really slow day, but it made for an awesome chance to see friends. Shoutout to Lola, Jaycee, Gabriel, Sara, Mike, Walt, Matt, Bill, and the company. It was a great time seeing everyone, and I was so proud of a lot of them taking their dreams to the next level. The Inbeon Booth got a lot of love thanks to an enthusiastic reporter named Eileen from ABC 7 D.C.! She was really excited to get to talk to us and check out my debut of Batman Redesign by artist Domeddi. Everyone and their mother in the area or on social media must of saw it. I just couldn’t help thinking, “I really need a mic setup for this cowl.”

Hutch cranked out some of the best work I’ve seen and we couldn’t get enough of the RootBeer stand. The costumes were great and the excitement was felt all around. Whether you came to show off your cosplay, meet a celebrity, buy cool merch, or just figure out what Comic Con is all about this con had so much to bring.

Now I’m not one to gush over celebrities. With that said I’ve met Kevin Conroy once and now Will Friedle twice, and had a hard time finding words. By this point, I’ve explained the story of my chance encounter of meeting him over a dozen times by now. While waiting for my photo-op with him I explain it a few times more. The few fans surrounding me and waiting on line are anxious to see his reaction. I get a lot of pictures and I’m finally called in to see him. There’s a collective look that everyone in the room gives me. Will hasn’t noticed me yet but gives the same face of “Wow!”. I’m over the moon at this point. Now, the moment of truth. I quickly through my cowl tell him that we met once before. I tell him that it was at NYCC ‘14. He immediately smiles and tells me that he remembers me! I have the biggest grin under my cowl at this point. He also tells me he has the pics that he took still and he’d send them to me. (Which he hasn’t, so if anyone can make that happen, I’ll be forever in your debt). We take the pic and everyone in the room has a huge smile on their face.

Hutch made this all possible, so I’d like to thank him again! He also gifted me the best Batman Beyond piece I’ve ever seen! I promised that I’d cosplay it one day. I think that’ll be for next year. So with everything from 15 seconds of fame to making dreams come true, this was truly an experience. Now, it’s time for some pics!