My So-Called Con Life: The Great Philadelphia Comic Con (2017)

Welcome to another edition of “My So-Called Con Life”. From the start I’m going to say this, “I’m definitely coming back to this con!” Now, let’s start the story from the beginning. Originally I put this con on my list months ago to attend, but as we got closer to the date I decided it would probably be best to attend it for just the Saturday. With even all that said, I was still uncertain that I’d be making it to this event. I was fresh off a trip from Florida AND Vegas, and with C2E2 quickly approaching I didn’t think this was in the cards. That was until the Friday before the con. I was at home and felt the con bug hit me, but unfortunately, it didn’t seem like I’d be able to attend the con (especially last minute). I threw up a status saying something like, “I wish I was in Philly but I should just be grateful for the trips I’ve already made AND my trips to come.” A few hours later my “Not So Evil Stepmother” calls me while at dinner to offer me a ride to Philly. She explained that they were spending some time with my cousins out there for the weekend and she had looked into attending the con with my little brother Saturday anyway. What are the odds? I told her I’d need to see about a few things as I was uncertain of how I’d get back for starters. Fast forward to Saturday morning and I am in the car booking my return bus ticket back for that evening (late enough to still have dinner with the family), plus I’ve got work the next day (so I thought). Midway through the drive, I realize my job canceled for the next day and without a change of clothes and a ticket already bought, I could have actually stayed. Crazy right? Well, it seems like something really wanted me at the show both days AND wanted me to spend some time with some family. I managed to change my ticket and crash at my aunt’s place.

Without further adieu, let’s get to this con! When I get there I’m immediately greeted by friends and take a moment to walk around with my Stepmom and little brother. Almost all of my friends are at this show! FAT GUY INC, Sebastian and Jessie, Samia, Arsenio, Jason, Angel, Bun, Ali, the 3D Hero crew, Kat, Jason, Ed, Adam, Tony, Michael (KNIGHTMAGE), and a whole lot more of my friends were there doing what they do best. It was definitely not the size I expected it to be for a 3-day show, but it felt just right. This show had really big names attending too! From celebrity alley to the massive cosplayer section I was blown away by some of the names. Bryce Papenbrook (MELIODAS!!!), Knightmage, Ani-Mia, Robert Franzese, Cosplayers of Muscle Geek Physique. LeVar Burton, Austin St James, John Wesley Shipp, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead herself Brianna Hildebran! (Try saying all that 10x fast).

One of the funniest moments was catching up with Michael and let him know that he’s broken many of my friend’s hearts who thought they were getting a live-action Gargoyles movie. If you haven’t checked that or any of his work out, take a pause and go check it out. He’s done some of the most amazing cosplays at blazing speeds and informed me he’d be in Kuwait as a guest for their comic con! It was a really great moment where you admire someone but you’re also proud as a friend. With a big hug, I said goodbye and good luck. By the time this comes out he should be there.

Being able to catch up with everyone and hear really great things about the show and the people running it was really great too. The show itself feels gives a familiar vibe. Later on in the day, I met with them who were incredibly nice and laid back guys. I was convinced to stay and attend on Sunday, which I did, and finally was able to catch up without feeling rushed. I took my time to catch up with friends and though I missed a few it was nice. I haven’t had the chance to go to a con and feel like a fan in quite some time. This show did just that for me. It helped me remember why I do what I do. It was fun and memorable and I can not wait to be there next year. The size is comparable to East Coast Comic Con and I’m sure they will keep growing. They have the support of fans and people who worked the event over the years who I’m sure will help it to grow even more.