My So-Called Con Life: TIDEWATER (2016)

One Guy, a Teddy and a me decided to go on a road trip. Let’s start with saying, Guy and Teddy are actual people and totally not made up. Now that we’re all on the same page let’s begin! Friday morning we ventured down from NYC to VA Beach in Teddy’s truck. 9+ hours filled with movie games, random singing, and one of my funniest snapchat stories to date we arrive at the hotel. (Insert shout out to Teddy for the sweet Hotel.) Granted it was cloudy and barely reached 75 degrees until the Monday that we left, it was a room overlooking the beach and plenty to do on the boardwalk.

Remember how in Chicago, there were huge signs up and lots of people who were clearly going to con? Yeah, totally not the case in VA. You’d be surprised considering how packed and busy the event was. I’ve seen bigger shows and I’ve seen smaller, but this show was somewhere in the middle. It was perfect there too. Any bigger of a show and it would seem overwhelming, but any smaller it would seem packed.

We met a lot of cool people: artists, fans, cosplayers, and everything in between! One girl I had a conversation followed my friend Allison on Instagram and was a HUGE fan. I let her know that I’d tell her, which I did. I tried my best but failed at not making purchases. I don’t regret them though. C2E2 I didn’t buy much, and most people know my weakness for FAN ART PRINTS. This time around though, it wasn’t just for Batman. I actually don’t think I got any Batman things. I got a commission from Edwin Huang aka Iron Pinky, some art from Penelope and Jerry Gaylord, another print from Bryan K. Turner, a few prints from Jerry Schichtel, and you get my point.

For a two day con, it was full of great artists and cosplayers alike. There was so many vendors there selling everything from games to comics, I’m certain I missed a few. I’m not 100% sure I’ll be there next year, but if time allows me to… I’m in there like swimwear! Before I finish, there was a lonely chancleta that was left in the elevator. I will include the picture below. The best story or comment for it wins… your choice ticket to Inbeon’s next event!

Hope you guys enjoy, I know I did!: