My Trip to VIGAMUS

On my recent European trip to Rome, I didn’t expect to find a video game museum. The museum is called VIGAMUS. It has some great concept art up currently,I got to see some Doom concept art and art work from Gochi Suda. His concept art for No more Heros was up on display. It also has a great walk through video game history. From the first video game Tennis for Two, to an actual buried copy on display of the worst game in history E.T. Also in the museum there are older consoles and games on display. Example an XBOX Dev kit, Nintendo’s Virtual boy, they even have video game consoles that used cassette tapes as cartridges. 

Now I’m not going to go into detail on video game history here, thats something to read about on your visit. You do get an extensive history on big names and major changes in the gaming industry through the years. What makes these museum even special is the interactive exhibits. In other words it doubles as a arcade through history. I got to play some Sonic and Knuckles, The Aliens Vs. Predator game by Capcom, Adventure Island and more! It was fun playing through some history classics that you don’t see anymore unless you have an emulator. You even had a computer lounge to play PC games, so yes VIGAMUS has everything for a casual and hardcore gamer. The Museum even has an Oculus room, which is great since Oculus is changing the VR gaming landscape.
VIGAMUS also has some cool statues of popular game Icons. Inside the Museum you’re welcomed by a statue of Solid Snake and Lara Croft. There’s even a huge Big Daddy from Bi Shock in the museum. If you happen to be a gamer in Rome, I recommend stopping by VIGAMUS. It’s not far from the Vatican and the Metro station is 6 blocks away. Also I want to add the staff was very helpful too, I had issues figuring out the metro system and couldn’t get the answer from my hotel. I asked the staff and they were not only helpful but even after that explained some of the walk through for the museum. Thank you again VIGAMUS!