Reboots-This is why we can’t have nice things!

According to Deadline, there might be another “Ace Ventura” on the way. Morgan Creek Entertainment Group wants to make reboots of their classic titles which includes “Major League”, “Ace Ventura”, and “Young Guns”. Stop! Are you as displeased or annoyed as I am? I hope so because very little good can come from this! As we’ve seen in the past, one of the many reasons movies work is context. The time in which the movie is released dictates the audiences perception of how good it is at the particular point in time. You cant expect movies made in the past to have the same impact they have today while managing to connect the audience to the plot without working in an explanation of why this all works in the plot’s timeline. It’s very hard to do and can ruin any chance for a continuation or ending to said franchise. Please don’t ruin the legacy of great movies by adding another movie to the already great roster or star of the said franchise. Its like selling defective merchandise. There might be one we can be happy with but it will never be as good as the original. It feels like these studios are recycling and/or trying to juice more money from the target audience. “South Park” blew this topic wide open when it came to legendary directors like Spielberg and Lucas doing the same to their flagship movies. It just turns out bad. The main problem with reboots is that you take the chance of spoiling the experience of not only the reboot but the original. Especially if you can’t get the original actors to play their respective parts. “Ace Ventura” is nothing without Jim Carrey and so on and so forth for the rest of these movies. Let sleeping dogs lie! What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!