Recommended Against My Will

Have you ever been situated in a conversation where someone recommends a show you haven’t seen and all of a sudden you feel an emotional weight added to your shoulders because you have too many shows you haven’t seen yet? We all have! It’s hard to imagine that in this age of technology we have access to almost everything that is or was on tv and although liberating it is also confining to our concept of free time. Time. The new currency when it comes to catching up on the latest or greatest in recommendations. And binge watching has become the norm so now we have no excuse. There’s no such thing as missing the tv show because it’s on at least 3 different streaming services. It feels like there will never be an excuse to be bored. But back to the recommendations. We now have to prioritize these tv shows that we MUST see. When given a recommendation we tend to feel paralyzed with the obligation to accept the recommendation even though there are 3 more shows in our queue. Too many shows, too many reasons to watch, and yet too many reasons to doubt whether this commitment is even worth your time. What if its trash? What if it’s just ok? What if it’s better than you expected? What if I need to re-organize my list? Ugh! So agree you’ve heard good things, smile and nod, and say thanks for adding anxiety to my “free time”. Well, buckle up and relax because it’s time to start something you may not finish or be entranced by the best thing in your life right now. What shows are in your queue? And how many? Sound off in the comment section below!