Saitama vs Meliodas

I’ve been thinking about just who can beat Saitama aka One Punch Man in a fight a lot lately. No it’s not Superman or Goku. It’s a character whose potential we also have yet to fully see from another anime… Captain Meliodas of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. A powerful demon (spoiler alert) who’s unique ability allows him to counter an opponent’s attack. Nothing special you say? Well let me break this down.

First let’s take our combatants based on what we know of them in their respective series. Saitama a “normal human” who achieved extraordinary feats of physical strength, speed and stamina by completing a daily regiment of… “100 pushups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats along with running 10 km every single day. He ate three meals a day, but only a banana as breakfast and also didn’t use the AC, to strengthen his mental resistance. These daily activities were extremely tough and caused his body excruciating pain; muscle aches and internal bleeding. However, Saitama didn’t give up and continued his training day after day.”  <>

Is this it? The secret to being superhuman and have otherworldly power? Surely this can’t be it but as far as sources say this is it. This is all we know for now and have to take the creator, One, and the writer for the anime, Tomohiro Suzuki, at their word. Let’s face it as of right now all of his fights could of been ended in one punch, hence his name, but we’ve yet to see someone who can give him what he dishes out.

Next up Meliodas… “As the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas is immensely powerful, and has demonstrated his superhuman strength through his ability to easily crush steel[63], with only his bare hands. He is also immensely agile, being able to easily avoid attacks of even Holy Knights.[64] He was able to break free from Gilthunder’s lightning bindings and also dodge his attacks, again, very easily.[65] It was then revealed that the whole time, Meliodas was holding back his powers, and could easily slice a large hill/small mountain in half using only a twig. [66] Meliodas appears to have bottomless strength, as no matter how much Ban robbed his physical strength, Meliodas still had some until he was completely drained, forcing him to tap into his demon powers.” <>

There’s more to Meliodas than this of course but much like Saitama we don’t know the limits of Meliodas.

So what’s my theory? Why do I think Meliodas can stand toe to toe with Saitama? Simple… his “Full Counter” ability. “Full Counter: This ability allows Meliodas to reflect attacks aimed at him, back at the enemy, but with much greater power; therefore, the stronger the opponent’s powers are, the stronger Meliodas’ power becomes. A prime drawback is that Meliodas cannot initiate attacks himself. He is also incapable of reflecting attacks if the opponent doesn’t allow him to read the timing/nature of their attacks. Physical, indirect, and continuous attacks can also not be reflected.[74]” <>

I know what most people are thinking and have said, “Full Counter only works against magic based attacks.” Even if that is true, I’m not buying that Saitama has been given his abilities by just mere means of exercise and diet.

“But Meliodas can’t even stand an attack from Saitama!” Here’s where I beg to differ. Meliodas is 3000 years old with an arsenal of abilities that make most of his fights laughable at best. He doesn’t even begin to fully tap into his demon abilities that help boost his healing.

Now picture this. Any of Saitama’s normal punches or better, but reflected and redirected back at himself with much greater force. How do we know that if Meliodas can in fact stop his attack at full strength that Saitama can stop that same attack but at at least 10% more power? We don’t know for sure who would win. It’s a fight that surely needs more numbers and data, but for now my edge is Meliodas.