Titan Corps #1 (Digital)


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Titan Corps SE-301 Chapter 1 – From The Ashes… introduces a world where slavery and imperial rule blankets the globe. The ultimate battle to return the freedom to the people begins from the ashes of war…

An original illustrated novel, “Titan Corps SE-301″ follows the journey of Master Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Dreighton, Titan Corps model SE-301, through a war-ravaged world in which freedom dwindles at the hands of brutal tyrannical government forces. Titan Corps model designation SE-301, is one of the last of the elite Titan Corps to survive the fall of the free world. Dreighton is a one man army that may be the key to unlock the secrets of the mystical Quantum-Psychometric energy that powers the super soldier. Outnumbered and outgunned our furious hero battles these malevolent forces. A Spartan warrior — Spartan Elite – 301 (SE-301) represents the light of freedom in a dark world. Integrating word and image, W. Falcone’s storytelling is interwoven with wildly imagined, meticulously rendered art. This first book offers a glimpse into an imaged future filled with the epic struggle between good and evil, and freedom vs slavery.

“Chapter 1- From The Ashes…” is the introduction to the epic saga of the Titan Corps adventure. Future volumes of the Titan Corps series will be available soon.