Titan Corps #3 (Digital)


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The Titan Corps saga continues in book 3; Strength. Honor. Loyalty.

After narrowly escaping an inquisition in the town of Dodgeworth and fighting off a platoon of Alliance Shocktroopers Dreighton, the Spartan Elite super soldier, continues his journey north away from the Outland Territories. A young boy named Caleb secretly follows Dreighton in search to learn more about the Titan Corps and begin a new life. Dreighton encounters old friends and foes as he continues to search for answers to repair his fractured memories. A new threat emerges as a looming darkness continues to shroud the last of the Freehold territories.

Thousands of miles away the leaders of the Great Central Alliance begin plotting their next campaign of terror to solidify conquest of the non-aligned territories and all of mankind.