Should VR mean Vigorous Recreation?

As the digital age is in full swing, we find ourselves as gamers in an age of evolution where traditional joysticks are very VERY slowly becoming a thing of the past. As VR games arise I question the very notion that games are now meant to be played in a totally different way. So the old man in me says “go outside and play” to these young whippersnappers. However soon enough, VR will be the exercise adults have craved their kids would willingly participate in… if it becomes the new norm for gaming.

As Oculus VR has won best in show at CES in 2014 and an Emmy in 2016 for its capabilities, we as gamers wonder if the future generation will phase out traditional joysticks as the Blackberry’s amongst the sensation of smartphones. One thing is for sure, the VR experience has captured a following to the point where Oculus is now owned by Facebook and many companies are now looking for product integrations in the experience.
So one thing is still a burden to VR games, you have to actually get off your ass and work for that high score. Blasphemy! The whole idea of video games up until the Nintendo Wii and this VR experience is to let your hands to all the work. I love the novelty of VR but the reason it hasn’t caught on like wild fire is most likely due to the vigorous recreation it calls for… or maybe the games aren’t up to our standards just yet… or maybe major game companies haven’t enthralled us with games that will make us give up our joysticks? I have my reasons, so what is your take on VR games?
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