So you wanna hear a story, eh?

Gather around, buckle in, and grab a friend boys and girls… BORDERLANDS IS BACK! Gearbox Software recently announced after years of speculation their latest addition to the Borderlands franchise: Borderlands 3! If you like me have been a fan from the beginning you understand my hype. If not, let me spell it out for you. Picture, if you will, your favorite franchise ever. Doesn’t matter the genre… just picture it. They after 7 years finally give you the sequel you’ve salivated over since you checked out the last iteration. Yeah, it’s that serious.

If you have never tried Borderlands now might be the time to jump into it. While I’m mostly against re-releases of games this is one franchise that I’ll make the exception for. With some of the most enjoyable story, characters, play styles, and things to do it’s worth every penny. You don’t like battle royale games? Good news! This is for you. You appreciate co-op games where enemies get stronger based off your party and give incredible loot? This is for you. You want to spend some money on a game you’re sure to play more than once (honestly I’m ashamed at how many times I’ve played through part 2)? This game is for you!

I have laughed in these games, had my heart broken, been on the edge of my seat, and almost thrown my controller a few times. Let’s take you through a brief timeline if you want to play it chronologically in the universe that it’s set in…

  1. Borderlands 2009
  2. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel 2014
  3. Borderlands 2 2012
  4. Tales from the Borderlands 2014
  5. Borderlands 3 2019

There are tons of DLC, in all of the games except for Tales from the Borderlands as well as a varying cast of characters to choose from all with varying play styles. It’s going to be hard to want to stick to just one character especially if you’re playing with friends. Did I mention the loot? This game has more loot than any other game I’ve ever played, period. When you play with friends the enemies level up to make it more of a challenge and you can play with a party of four! You want lore? I spent countless hours picking through easter eggs in and out of Borderlands 2, for instance. Some of the echo tapes that help paint a picture and give you some backstory on your characters are some of the best clips ever.

The first game finally got a new upgrade for these newer consoles. Since it came out for an older gen, when they made part 2 and everything that followed, they never seemed to getting around to giving part 1 a fresh coat of paint. I always wondered if and when they’d make it a part of the collection. They didn’t BUT for 60 bucks at Gamestop (I know, I know) you can get the first 4 games! That’s a steal! All the DLC and extra content too! Part 3 is looking like 250 US dollars for their highest tier collectible which I’m honestly on the fence about. That’s a pretty penny and I don’t recall spending that much for any of the Arkham game collectibles.
Soon enough I’ll be replaying the games on my Twitch (batman121598) and I’ll have more article breakdowns on the game as I dive back into the world of Vault Hunting. Until next time, let me know what you’re looking forward to seeing in Borderlands 3. What theories do you have about the new story? What characters not seen in the trailer do you want to see make an appearance? Follow us for more updates and join our Facebook group Inbeon Gamer to join the growing community of gamers! Later!