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A Chat with Graphic Artist Robert L. Lopez

I’m always looking for opportunities to connect with various different creators from various different backgrounds. One of the things I feel we take for granted is school. We are taught to network and what better place then school. As a student at Fullsail university, I realized that I am in a sea of talent that […]

A Chit chat with Bryan Martinez

We here at Inbeonmag love meeting creators. One such creator I have met is Bryan Martinez. Funny thing is I met him when he was cosplaying a very awesome Dr. Strange that he designed. Since then he is someone that reminds me creators can do anything. This year he has exhibited at cons like Flamecon […]

Chit chatting ​with Craig Lindberg

There are many diffrent paths in Art. You have contemporary, Graphic Design, Sequential, and even Tattoo art. One style/category we are focusing on in this article is makeup art. Now I know some of you might start to run a list of makeup artist in your head.  We wanted to focus on the artist that have given […]

New Artist Alert! Thomas James Ludena

The creative community is a growing community of many talents. Sometimes we can forget that there are new rookie artist amongst a sea of established creators. One such new creator is Thomas James Ludena. We met at J1 and from our conversation, I just really wanted to spotlight this up and coming artist. During our conversation, I […]

Javier Winnik is giving you a Reason To Smile

Getting to go to various cons, I get to meet a lot of people. Before I started to do cons and even get into this business I got to meet Javier Cruz Winnik. At the time he was selling his first book called “A Reason to Smile.” We had spoken brief conversation and I ended up with a […]

Getting to Know the Son of A Saint

Since I began this road as an artist, one of the key things for me has been networking. Through networking, I have made great friends, business connections and have even found my second family Inbeon. Through my travels, I was fortunate to meet a Digital Artist killing it right now. He goes by the Son of A […]

A Chat with Artist Kyle Horne

I got to catch up with one of Long Island’s sons and local artist Kyle Horne. For those that don’t know Kyle, he is a familiar face on the local convention scene in Long Island. He is also the illustrator for the children’s book titled Amazing Annabelle, written by Linda Taylor. Hi Kyle, How have you […]

Chatting with Artist Terence Leonard

I have been on a Convention tour this year. One of my stops we J1-con . At the convention, I got to meet some new up and coming artist. One of those artists is Terence Leonard. I got to speak to him at the convention an talk about all things geek and drawing. We recently got together […]


This week’s Artist Spotlight has an affinity for the study of biology, and finds it fascinating. Early on, he thought if he couldn’t be an artist or engineer, he’d be a marine biologist. His head is now filled with random facts about animals. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy a very lively interview from the prolific […]