Thank You. Come Again. A Remastered Game.

Look. Like most people I grew up with Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis and have been a gamer ever since. I’ve spent countless hours on games and franchises throughout the years. While most games have high replay value… Most games can become shells of their former self after years of fighting the same boss or listening to the same NPC rant. Here’s my thing, I see games getting “Remastered” every month now. It’s the new “Game of the Year Edition”. Why are we forced to rebuy these titles? For a few reasons… One of which is the lack of new content on mainstream platforms. Another reason is the lack of support for newer consoles to support last gen models. Like cellphones, most things in this day and age of technology aren’t meant to last, but most games and consoles do. So why not still support the previous gens and their existing titles? I could call it greed but that’s too simple. Nonetheless it has forced gamers to get games that they love, once again, with shiny and big promises that often don’t deliver much. Essentially you’re getting slightly better graphics and sound quality while being able to play on a current gen system. Does anyone else see this as a crime? As I poured through my third playthrough of Skyrim it dawned on me, “Aside from being able to play it on my new PS4, what stopped me from tracking down the deluxe edition for my 360?” I’m getting the same experiences, so why the rush to my Gamefly Queue? For some the answer lies in nostalgia, for others it may be better quality for a beloved game, and some we just may never know.