The Con Virgin – Episode #1

con virgin

By D.C. Morgan

So here are the facts. I love video games, adult & kids cartoons, comic book characters, movies, t.v., and useless knowledge of pop culture. Comic Con always seemed to me (and don’t get offended) a 14 year old’s convention with pimple poppers and over weight nerds arguing about Goku and superman battles. In no way did I think this kind of event was for me. Not only because I wouldn’t want to admit that I went or even been seen at such a convention. How wrong could I have been?! Well except for the Goku/Superman battle.

Rewind time to the first time I was invited to a con. I told my friend “what are you 12?!” and I laughed as others around me smirked or chuckled. I now realize how much of a jerk I was. I was laughing in the face of incredibly passionate, like-minded, fun, and creative people. Looking back, when I realized how cool comic con was, I felt like the jocks watching Lambda Lambda Lambda in the musical performance at the end of Revenge of the Nerds. It was sooo good! These weren’t nerds! These were passionate fans expressing their love for pop culture. I was wide-eyed and all-embracing of the culture but I’ll get back to my experience later.

So my nephew and I were spending time in Connecticut on a weekend a Con was in town. I wanted to show him some fun and my cousin mentioned that he was going too. So I ponied up some money and bought some tickets for him and I. I remember walking to the doors of the convention and it was like I was walking to the city’s annual Halloween parade. I immediately fell in love with gawking at the people who were dressed up in line to the entrance. Cosplay! Soo cool! My first experience was a Joker. However he wasn’t the stereotypical Jokers that we all know plague the convention with loud and somewhat annoying behavior. He was cool, calm, collected and dressed to the 9. I knew this was just the beginning.

As we entered the con, I saw Spidermans, Deadpools, Wolverines, and Princess Leigh’s! I had just realized the error of my ways. My experience points grew as I saw these self-made celebrities showing off their feathers. These peacocks of imagination were the quintessential meaning of self-expression. I met my comic book heroes in real life! How awesome is that?! I took pictures, I browsed merch, and I gawked at stage and screen celebrities.

I remember meeting my first celeb. Brian O’Halloran, Dante from the movie “Clerks”. I could see his aura around him. I’m laughing to myself because that’s what it feels like when you meet a celeb. It’s not just a handshake and smile, it’s an experience. One that will last, and stick out in my mind. I approached his table and told him that I appreciated his work. A phrase I use repeatedly when I meet celebs. He shook my hand and said thank you. I then told him that when my nephew gets older I can’t wait to show him his movies. He laughed and said “Now that’s good parenting”. A class act. We took a free picture and immediately I shared it to friends and family. I just leveled up.

Now things get heavy. Bob Camp! For you Noobs… wait did I just come off as a con vet? Lol. I Believe I did and I hate MY past self already, again. So Bob Camp, right? The creator of “Ren and Stimpy”. This was the very show I had to be peeled away from while kicking and screaming when it was on tv as I was a child. He was in front of me! I didn’t know what to say. Wait, of course. “Hi Mr. Camp, I appreciate your work!” He replied “thank you”. Now I begin to vomit a rainbow of compliments out of my mouth. “I loved the show, I had the posters, the tapes, the shirts and I can’t help but sing the log song from time to time.” He replied “Well then, let’s sing it together”…Oh my god! I think may have shrieked with joy. Right in the childhood! I sang along. What a day! A natural high, I never felt. In a place I’d never thought I’d be. Categorized as a person, I’d never think I’d become.

Comic-con! What have you done to me? I now proudly buy superhero shirts and I blush when speaking about my experiences at the Con. My cherry has been popped, I am no longer a virgin to the con and I can’t understand why I was such a non-believer. Especially because some of the women that cosplay are downright fantasiz-able and they don’t mind if you respectfully ask for a photo. Actually nobody (man, woman, or child) has ever denied me a photo. After my day at the con, I had 146 photos!
The kids are the cutest though. I can see myself and future baby mama dressing our little Goku or Princess Leigh and attending a con. Wtf did I just proclaim that I will attend the cons as long as I live? I did, and I don’t want to look back into time and change it.

I have to say though: If my cousin hadn’t told me to go or showed me the ropes while walking my nephew and myself around, I don’t think I would have had so much enjoyment. As a virgin to the con I would very much recommend going and if you can, get a vet like my cousin to show you around. It is worth the price of admission, the Jokers, and the doubt of enjoyment. You will love it.

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