The Con Virgin – Episode #2

con virgin

By D.C. Morgan


New York City. The very town that raised me. A hard town to make it in. A city full of characters as well as home to some characters that were fictionally born within the same city limits. Iron man, Venom, Cable, and countless others that are not from the Marvel Universe, all started their journey from this very landmark. What better place to hold a Con?!

So as discussed in a previous “Virgin to the Con”, my first experience was in Connecticut. That’s where I became a Con man. Wait, that didn’t come out right. You get it though. Anyway, New York Mother Loving Comic-Con. NYCCC!

The day the site sold the tickets was the same day 2 bills had to be paid and food was scarce in my Mr. Freezer-ator. Times were beyond rough. I had just enough money to make it to next week. I thought, I can buy some tickets next year (sad emoticon)… I felt like a “bad luck Brian” meme. I finally discovered how cool Cons were and to my dismay I couldn’t make it to one of the largest.

Fast forward to a friendly poker game and guess who offered me a ticket?  The same cousin that persuaded me to go to my first Con! The pusher man was right on time! I freakin’ love my cousin.

So my one-day pass was for a Saturday. For all of you who go to NYCCC know that it was a zoo. That’s NYC lingo for it was packed and potentially out of control. Now, I don’t want to scare anyone into not going by saying it was out of control. My point is that the Jacob Javitz center (the convention center) can house a football stadium and yet it was at times so packed that it would take a minute to walk the equivalent of 15 seconds.

Anyway I met good old “Batz” outside the convention center. We’re going to call my cousin Batz as he is known by good friends due to his love for Batman. So there he was, cosplay’ing to the 9! He was dressed as Batman Beyond. Now to his credit he made his own costume. But it would appear that he didn’t. He looked official.

So he handed off the pass and the “15 second walk” led us into the Con. We did not get another “15 seconds” before a “Hey Batman! Can I get a picture?” happened. This wasn’t my first rodeo with a photo opp request so I told my cousin to give me his bags so he can pose in full glory. This occurred countless times during the day and it never got old. He was an instant hit and a celebrity in his own right, I was just glad to “walk the red carpet with him”. In fact I learned about themed photo shoots where cosplay artists would link up to take a group photo. So fun to see as s a picture. It’s like seeing a movie poster that would never be as special.

By the way, as I saw on Facebook, a couple of my friends claimed they were attending. I had a clan, a brood, a league of extraordinary gentlemen and women. It was shocking actually. Throughout the event I would get the “where are you?” texts and I couldn’t be happier to share this experience with more people.

Now, I knew I had three things on my agenda. 1-take as many cosplay pictures as possible (220 pictures taken) 2-meet my cosplay crush Ivy Doomkitty (drooling like the Tex Avery Fox) and 3-meet Mike Tyson (who turned out not being there). Other than that, I was going to see as many areas in the convention center as possible.

As I roamed the convention with Batz, I met “The Last Dragon” movie star Taimak Guarriello best known as Leroy! A cult classic movie I love to re-watch. He had his own booth and was super appreciative of my classic opener “I really appreciate your work”. A very down to earth, charming guy.

Now before I get to Ivy Doomkitty, cosplayer extraordinaire. I have to mention the Con’s have Easter eggs. In the sense that any one you pass may already be a celebrity. I learned this as I passed Freddy Wong (a popular YouTube director), Ming Chen (from the tv show Comic book Men), as well as Laura Sykora (a yoga teacher with 1 million plus followers on instagram).

Let me just say I didn’t even know how uber famous Laura was until after I posted a picture of her in a Chun Li outfit. I thought she was just a random cosplayer until I was excitingly informed by my niece after her seeing the picture on social media that she is kind of a big deal. It just goes to show, you never know who’s going to show up and show out at the Cons.

So Ivy Doomkitty… the crush of cospayers nation wide. A good friend of Stan Lee. A legend in her own right, was a couple of meters infront of me. She had garnered a row of fans and I was one of them. I lined up, purchased my print, and had my little present for her ready. Remember that aura I explained in my last post? Yeah, she had it all around her. She greeted me with a smile I responded with a handshake and told her, yep, you guessed it “I appreciate your work”. She was so approachable and kind. I cannot express how down to earth she was. Anyway I got my signature and presented her wit “Bear-E” a 3 inch stuffed animal to which I was thanked with a hug and picture. I walked away proud and told anyone who listened that she was awesome. Another natural high.

The night drawers near and Batz was still getting photo opp requests and so was his buddy Drew (a Ghostbusters cosplay artist) who also accompanied myself and nephew in the Connecticut Con escapades. Too much of my chagrin, NYCCC drew my life meter down to red. I was wiped out and ready to go but not before taking a picture with a topless painted Starfire. My intention was taking the picture so I could muster enough energy to make it to the train ride home and reflect on my experience. What a picture, what a day, what a cousin, and what a Con!

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