The Con Virgin – Episode #3

con virgin

By D.C. Morgan

Questions by D.C. Morgan
Answered by Guy Semilia


Q: Before arriving at your first Comic-Con, what were your perceptions of those that go or even dress up?

A: I have to admit I thought everyone who went to comic cons were people who read comic books, anime and watched fantasy/sci fi related things. I myself am by no means an expert in any of those fields, I always liked to read and watch tv but I tried to enjoy as many things as possible. For the people who dressed up, well I loved that part! I enjoy acting and putting on a costume is not to far from playing a role/character. The only difference is the actor has a make up crew and the comic con goer usually does their own creation, of course I thought it was awesome!

Q: When you did go, what kind of emotions came out?

A: The first con I went to was Inbeon Con. I walked through the door and immediately just felt like I walked into my own home, everyone was so nice and welcoming it was amazing. I met Eric there for the first time and every time I bumped into him, he greeted me with open arms and a smile. He asked me how I was and my experience there. The guy was doing a million things but always made time for each and every person there.

Q: Did you have any expectations with going to your first Comic-Con and were they met?

A: I knew New York Comic Con was crowded and thought all Cons were, this was one reason why I haven’t been to any cons before Inbeon in summer of 2015, I am not one for huge crowds. With a push from a good  friend, Lawrence saying “Inbeon will be amazing, trust me.” I went, Inbeon con truly was amazing, there were alot of people but it did not feel overly crowded, it felt like family.  I even participated in their costume contest! My experience went above and beyond any of my expectations.

Q: Did you meet any celebs or like-minded people?

A: I met Yosef’Glen Larroc, I saw him in a meme about a year before Inbeon Con, dressed as every role Johnny Depp played. He was the reason why I wanted to start cosplaying. He was original, he made his cosplay unique it was something that was him. At least, that’s what I took away from it. He was one of the judges of the costume contest and my 5-20 secs on stage I made him laugh. This was one of the highlights of my experience at Inbeon Con.

I met so many like minded people one sticks out to me the most. I am a musician and I met a woman who was an artist like her boyfriend, whio was selling his art at the con. She and I started talking about music, to which I mentioned I played guitar  and she said she played too. I handed her my guitar and said I’d love to hear you play. she smiled then played her cover of “royals” by Lorde, she was amazing…

Q: What was your favorite cosplay?

A: I have only done two cosplays but I thought my first one was my favorite it was called the Crowhl, the crow and Dave Grohl from foo fighters. He is one of my favorite musicians. My favorite cosplay that I saw was someone who dressed as a pokemon trainer, he had a stick that attached to one end was a pokemon it walked. He was a great guy and it was a really cool cosplay.

Q:Did you buy anything?

A: I did, it was a print of someone’s interpretation of the monkey king and other characters. One of my favorite characters from myths is the monkey king and thought his interpretation was something really new and fresh that I had to have it

Q: How long did you stay and why?

A: I stayed from open to close and did not want to leave, It was just so much fun and the place was full of creativity and positive vibes that the person I was with said, its over…we have to go there will be one in the winter

Q: Would you go again?

A: As I left I purchased tickets to Inbeon con’s next event.

Q: Any advice for first timers?

A: If you think Comic Con is for people who just like comics, you are wrong. If you do not believe me, I am a musician and martial arts teacher who is currently studying American Sign Language interpreting and massage therapy. I feel it is safe to say I do not fit the stereotype that I had about the “kind” of people that go to comic con, at all. Neither did the other 50% of people I met at inbeon Con. Comic Con is for everyone. Come to the next Inbeon con it will be amazing, trust me!

Q: What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time about Comic-Cons?

A: Go.

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