The Con Virgin – Episode #4

con virgin

By D.C. Morgan

What happens when a man in his 60’s goes to a comic-con for the first time? Read about it here. There’s no shortage of stories when it comes to being a Virgin to the Con…

How did you all find out about comic con…And which one did you go to?
– I had heard about comic cons mostly on television, until my elder son Lawrence got involved. I attended my first comic con, The East Coast Comicon in April of this year.

What did you all expect to see, feel, and experience at the con…And were your expectations met or exceeded?
– I didn’t really have high expectations going in. Mostly, I thought I’d see lots of folks in character costumes. My younger son Jonathan was thrilled at this, his first con. My greatest joy was in him being so happy, and in seeing Lawrence in his element.

What was the very first thing you saw that impressed you and your party?
– The merchandise tables caught Jonathan’s eye, and he immediately wanted to purchase some Lego Mini-Figures. The first things (other than the character costumes) that I thought were particularly interesting were the various Batmobiles that were on display.

What is your thoughts on cosplay?
Any celebrity sightings?
– The costumes were quite elaborate in many cases. The amount of work that went into the costumes and makeup is unimaginable for me. As for celebrity sightings, I really wouldn’t have known most of them if they were there. I will say that as I attempted to walk around with my son Lawrence (Batman), people kept stopping him to ask for a picture of him or with him. Now I know what it feels like to try and hang out with a rock star.

Did you purchase any merchandise?
– We purchased Lego Mini-Figures for Jonathan, and for myself a graphic novel adaptation of a memoir of Geoffrey Canada, “Fist Stick Knife Gun”.

What would you tell those who haven’t experienced about Comic-Con before?
– Go with people who are Comic-Con veterans, and take a first-timer who is eager to be there.

Would you or have you gone to another Con since your first?
– We attended INBEONCON last weekend, and will surely attend more Cons in the future.

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